Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #71, October 7, 2015 September Equinox in Newfoundland

Published: Wed, 10/07/15

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #71
October 7, 2015
September Equinox in Newfoundland

Dear Earth Healers

In August I felt Gros Morne mountain and the Tablelands in Newfoundland calling to me for the Equinox.  Little did I know that my visit, which I had envisioned as a time for personal reflection and renewal, would be the culmination of a 5-year journey that started in 2010 when Bonnie and I joined Alison Normore's Sacred Earth Tour and I made my first connection with the Tablelands. The EEH Network's Upper Mantle Project emerged from that connection.  Then, in 2011 I returned to join the second Sacred Earth Journey and climbed Gros Morne Mountain with 19 others in the group.

At a personal level I felt the journey was to set the potentials for possible new directions in my life and anticipated that the first two days I would be hiking solo.  As I often find, Spirit had some quite different things in store!  Alison had planned to climb Gros Morne a few days earlier, but the weather had not cooperated, so I heard from her that she and a friend would also be climbing on the Equinox as well.  That was my first inkling that something larger than a personal pilgrimage was in store.  

As I began the first leg of the hike from the parking lot through Black Spruce and Balsalm Fir forest a flood of information started coming to me.  Gros Morne has a heart of pink quartzite (metamorphosed sandstone) more than a billion years old, and has held the energies of love and joy for eons.  For the past ten thousand years this energy has been cloaked, as its name, which can be loosely translated from French as "Great Sadness," suggests (though anyone who has climbed it can attest, the energy can't help but seep through). Here is the first full view I had as I approached the mountain:

The trail up the mountain follows a talus slope of pink quartzite.  About three-fifths of the way up the mountain its heart is exposed.  I realized that this Equinox, coming near the close of a remarkable series of solar and lunar alignments was the time to release the joy and love that the mountain holds, and that everyone who hiked the mountain this day was there for a reason, whether they were consciously aware of it or not. Here you can see the Heart of the Mountain:

The next picture gives a feel for the scramble that is required to reach the heart: 

And here is the rock in the middle of the Heart of the Mountain that I stood on and toned to assist in the initial opening for the free flow of the energies.  Alison, who had gotten a later start than I had, later stopped at this location and made an offering of wild roses and white wine to the mountain.
There was an unusually celebratory atmosphere among the hikers that day (no photos included here, but our paths crossed and recrossed through the day), and my sense that everyone on the mountain was there for a reason was confirmed as I learned where people had come from: provinces all across Canada, states all across the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece, creating energetic connections with continents in the eastern, western, northern and southern hemispheres.  I realized that my own travels in Africa and Asia allowed energetic connections to be made to those continents, and a young world-traveling German who had joined Alison on the way up connected with other continents--Australia, New Zealand. 

When I climbed in  2011 low clouds and mist hung over the mountain, and I was continually amazed at the views that I had missed the first time.  Here is a view from the top, looking west:
The next day it was me and the Tablelands, the amazing massive plateau of Peridotite from the Upper Mantle.  I approached it from the more remote southwest side, having examined the satellite photos on Google Earth and a large-scale topographic map to identify a route that I thought would allow me to get to the top. Again, Spirit had something quite different in mind for me! I stated my intention that the day serve to create potentials for possible new directions in my work.  As I began on the trail through Balsam Fir forests along Trout River Pond again information began coming in.  I realized that the location I planned to hike into the Tablelands was womb-shaped as seen the the satellite photographs, and I had a premonition that I was walking into a shamanic re-birthing experience. Without going into details, it was that and more. When I reached the head of the canyon there were towering cliffs all round.  The previous day I had collected a few small pieces of pink quartzite, and one indicated that it wished to be left which I did in a small cave of Peridotite:  

The next day Alison and I went to the gentler northeast side of the Tablelands for ceremony and it wasn't until then that it finally dawned on me how strongly feminine its energies are,  with the trail ending at the entrance to another womb-shaped valley that opens in the direction of the very masculine Gros Morne across the bay.  We also realized that our presence on Gros Morne and at the Tablelands over the Equinox was part of a much larger picture connected with the birthing of the New Earth.  

After a short ceremony, Alison and I began to walk back to the parking lot as a wild wind blew up with pelting rain and sleet. We laughed, and sang, leaning into the wind. And then...looked behind to see a rainbow:

Our offerings had been accepted, and the sun blessed us by peeking over the Tablelands: 

Blessings, Love and Light,


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