Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #72, December 17, 2015 Restoring Gaia's Free-Flowing Waters

Published: Thu, 12/17/15

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #72
December 17, 2015
Restoring Gaia's Free-Flowing Waters

Dear Earth Healers,

I have known that helping energetically free the flow of Gaia’s rivers would become a project of the Earth Energy Healing Network for more than a year, and laid some groundwork for it during the visit to Serpent Mound in August, 2014 as part of the Upper Mantle Project (EEH Newsletter #62).  In the midst of the rapidly shifting cosmic and planetary energies, now seems to be the time to initiate it.

The Energetics of Dammed Rivers. Flowing water has a feminine energy, and dams initially block the physical and energetic flow until the area that is dammed fills, more often than not with harmful consequences to ecosystems and the displaced human inhabitants.  Once the reservoir fills, the flow of the river is regulated for one or more purposes, generation of electricity and flood control being the main ones. In the twentieth century the damming of rivers of all sizes on a global scale and the regulation of the flow of navigable rivers by dams with locks worked in tandem with the Patriarchal Domination grid (EEH Newsletter #65) to suppress and control the energies of the Divine Feminine. In the map below we can see that watersheds in all inhabited continents except Australia are strongly or moderately affected by river channel fragmentation and water flow regulation by dams.  Virtually all rivers in the United States are strongly affected, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers having jurisdiction over the large majority. The impact classification in the map below is based on river channel fragmentation and water flow regulation by dams on 292 of the world's large river systems ( In this classification scheme unaffected rivers (green) have no dams in the main channel and any dams on tributaries affect less than 2% of the natural flow.
The approach to freeing the energy flow is simple: 1) select the river you wish to focus on (a map of the river basin is helpful; if locks and dams are located on the map, so much the better; 2) visualize the energy of the river water flowing freely through any artificial barrier all the way to the sea.  I would like to emphasize that the focus here is on the water's energy, not the actual flow of the water.  Various parts of the planet are experiencing extreme physical flooding.  This is one of Mother Earth’s ways of responding to the energetic blockages that we humans have created.  My sense is that the amount and timing of any flooding is best determined by her. By focusing on energetic flows the necessity of physical expression may be reduced.

Initial Focus: Ohio River Watershed.  The Ohio River is the most polluted and regulated river in the United States.  The main stem has 21 dams with locks built and maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of  Engineers, and an additional 36 dams and locks are located  on tributary rivers, with the Allegheny (8), Monongahela (9), Tennessee (8) the next most regulated rivers.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has also built some 20 large dams and reservoirs throughout the central Midwest on non-navigable sections in the watershed.  The array on Windgather Mesa that has formed to support freeing the energy flow on the Ohio River is below. The upper part has a map of the main channel of the river from Pittsburgh, PA to Cairo, IL and also shows a cross section of the dams and locks on the river. The lower part has a map of the entire river basin with double-twinned Tibetan quartz crystals placed on the other main tributaries with dams and locks.
 Adopt a River. I invite anyone who feels inclined to join in supporting the intent for the energies in the Ohio River watershed to flow freely (and that the free flow continue through all locks and dams on the Mississippi River below Cairo, Illinois as it flows to the Gulf of Mexico). Also please feel free to adopt any other river on this beautiful blue-green planet Earth.  Please trust your own inner knowing if/when you hear a river call to you, and let me know the name and location if would like.  I will keep members of the EEH Network posted so that we can collectively engage in this gentle way to support Mother Earth.  
The Pattern that Connects. The Karst water healing work described in EEH Newsletter #70 is all within the Ohio River watershed, which includes most of the Karst areas in the central Midwest. The array below, which also formed on Windgather Mesa along with the Ohio River array, has Peridot crystals placed on areas where I have made energetic connections in my Karst healing work, and helps connect this aspect of supporting the energies of the Divine Feminine during these chaotic times.
Blessings, Love and Light,


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