Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #73, January 31, 2016 Restoring Gaia's Free-Flowing Waters (2)

Published: Sun, 01/31/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #73
Restoring Gaia's Free-Flowing Water (2)
January 31, 2016

Dear Earth Healers,

Shortly after last month's newsletter went out describing a new project to support the energetic free-flow of rivers (see EEH Newsletter #72 for more information) I received an email from EEH member Dehon in South Africa saying that he had adopted two rivers in Southern Africa, the Vaal River that flows to the Atlantic Ocean and the Limpopo River that flows into the Pacific Ocean. He also shared the two images below.
Since then a new Earth healing grid supporting Gaia's rivers has emerged:
  • Severe flooding in the City of Chennai in southeast India through which the Kosasthalaiyar, Cooum and Adyar Rivers flow came to my attention because three books I have recently edited of writings about and by my mother, Elise Boulding are being prepared for publication there.
  • EEH member Fredericka in Boulder, Colorado wrote to say she had adopted Boulder Creek, which flows into the Platte River, then the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.  Synchronistically, Jane Reading's January New Moon Water Meditation was focused on flooding on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.
  • EEH member Brigitte in Austria wrote to share that the Danube River, especially in the area around Vienna, and the Yamuna River in India, which flows by New Delhi and Agra and then into the Ganges River at Allahabad had called to her.
  • EEH member Polly in southern Vermont wrote to say that she is focusing energy on the river she lives near.
As you can see from the photo below, Windgather Mesa is now full of mineral arrays related mostly to energetically supporting the free flow of Gaia's rivers.  The following world map shows where I am aware that EEH members are supporting rivers.
 The Pattern that Connects. The picture of Windgather Mesa above shows ten Earth healing arrays (all have been placed on images printed on a blue sheet of paper), all of which have some connection water healing.  Two are also related to Karst healing, and three in the image below relate to various aspects of my coal healing environmental work.  I have one active project on groundwater contamination from coal ash ponds in Indiana (upper left), and the lower right array provides ongoing energetic support to the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement's (OSMRE) stream protection rule which is currently under assault in Congress.  A recent addition is in the lower left corner, formed to support OSMRE's preliminary approval of a petition to designate more than 67,000 acres of public land in the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee as unsuitable for coal mining. Interestingly, I found information about a localized occurrence of Kimberlite within ten miles of the area to be protected, which I have etherically seeded with a Peridotite seed stone (left side of array) for the latest addition to the Upper Mantle grid. This is a remarkable synchronicity, given that occurrences of Upper Mantle rock at or near the surface are rare in Appalachia south of the Maryland/Pennsylvania border. Another example of how this work feels magical to me.

In February I will be removing the Karst and River arrays from Windgather Mesa to make room for what emerges in our Earth healing work in the coming months.  I love to hear from you about how and where you are engaged in this sacred work, and if there are locations that you would like to bring into the larger circle of the Earth Energy Healing Network please let me know.  

Blessings, Love and Light,


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