Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #74, February 29, 2016 Restoring Gaia's Free-Flowing Waters (3)

Published: Tue, 03/01/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #74
Restoring Gaia's Free-Flowing Water (3)
February 29, 2016

Dear Earth Healers,

This is the third Newsletter focused on supporting the free energetic flow of Gaia's rivers.  After January's newsletter went out I received a note from EEH member Carl in southern California who adopted the San Diego River: There ARE Plans for each watershed ... and people who regularly turn out and pick up trash .... and we DO make a difference! EEH member Trudy in southern Indiana who lives near the East Fork White River in the Ohio River watershed shared: I have for years offered prayers and songs and cornmeal to the bodies of water I come to in my travels or in my mind.... It is such a gift to physically be present to commune with flowing waters and send visions and prayers along with them. I appreciate these reminders that the water healing (and other) work of the Earth Energy Healing Network adds to that of many, many caring individuals and groups around the planet.
In February the Earth healing grid supporting Gaia's rivers has expanded to include watersheds in a half-dozen more locations around the world (see photo of Windgather Mesa below for reference):
  • EEH member Alison in Labrador adopted the Churchill River in Labrador (see photo of array she created above).
  • EEH member Virginia adopted the Blackstone River in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, which has been identified by U.S. EPA as having the most heavily polluted sediments in the U.S (array is uppermost right on Windgather Mesa).
  • EEH member Carl in San Diego adopted the San Diego River in southern California, and this then expanded to include ten more watersheds in Southern California (Tijuana, Otay, Sweetwater, Pueblo San Diego, Penas Quiotos, San Dieguito, Carlsbad, San Luis Rey, Santa Margartia and San Juan--below Blackstone River array)
  • EEH member Anna in Virginia adopted the Dismal Swamp, and this expanded to include all watersheds that drain into the Chesapeake Bay (Susquehanna, Potomac, Rappahannock, York and James--just left of southern California river array). 
  • EEH member Anne adopted the Puyallup River that flows from Mt Rainier to the Puget Sound in Washington, and this expanded to include all the 16 watersheds that drain into the Puget Sound (upper left).
  • Jane Reading's February New Moon Water Meditation on February 8 focused on the Euphrates River that flows through Turkey, Syria and Iraq as a follow-up to James Twyman's February 1 Global Peace Meditation in Syria. The array on Windgather Mesa expanded to also include the Tirgris River (lower left).  Both rivers are highly regulated by dozens of dams and other flow control structures.
The following world map shows where I am aware that EEH members are supporting rivers (note that even when arrays are removed from Windgather Mesa or elsewhere, the energetic support continues at an etheric level).
 The Pattern that Connects.  As the free-flowing river grid expands it has become increasingly interconnected with the energetic grids created by other EEH projects. The Chesapeake Bay array below includes Peridot stones on the location of coal ash ponds on the Potomac and James Rivers (to connect with the ongoing Coal Healing array on Windgather Mesa) where Dominion Power has received permission from the State of Virginia to dump coal ash wastewater. Citizens and the State of Maryland are seeking to reverse this decision.

Here are some examples of interconnections between the Freeing Gaia's Rivers (FGR), Elemental Points of Light (POL) and Upper Mantle Project (UMP) grids:
  • Yamuna/Ganges River, India: Rathanbore National Park (POL#121), Taj Mahal (POL#122), Varanasi, Benares (POL#137).
  • Puget Sound, Washington: Orcas Island (POL#13), Magic Hill, Ollala (POL#28), and Fidalgo Island, Puget Sound (UMP#1).
  • Ohio River Basin: Windgather Homestead, Bloomington, Indiana (POL#1) and Serpent Mound, Ohio (POL#86 and UMP#18).
  • Other UMP grid connections: Upper Chrome Barrens and Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens, SE Pennsylvania (UMP#2and#3) in Chesapeake Bay watershed; Hicks Dome, Illinois (UMP#26) and Avon volcanic field kimberlites, Missouri (UMP#27) in lower Mississippi River watershed.
I'm sending this newsletter out on March 1, but dating it February 29. February's River arrays have been removed from Windgather Mesa to make room for new arrays for adopted Rivers (to the extent that I hear from EEH members) and a new focus on Gaia's oceans which I've been receiving information about. More about that in the March Newsletter.  My gratitude and appreciation to all who tune into our Earth Healing work.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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