Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #75 March Equinox, 2016

Published: Mon, 03/14/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #75
March 14, 2016

Dear Earth Healers,

Things are happening so rapidly these days it's sometime a challenge to know whether I'm coming or going and in which direction. This month's EEH Newsletter is going out sooner than I anticipated because of the Equinox event noted below, as well as some new developments,

New: Earth Energy Healing Network Page. As an experiment I began adding updates to last month's Newsletter on the posting on my Facebook page and was pleased with the opportunity that it gave for interactions: EEH Newsletter #74. All my postings on Facebook can be seen by anyone, though only FB members can comment--if I could set the page to allow anyone to comment, I would. I have now created an Earth Energy Healing Network Facebook page to provide opportunities for interactions and make it easier for me to post updates that are focused on Earth Healing. This is very much a work in progress, and I continue to be happy to communicate via email. 

Freeing Gaia's Rivers: Update. In the link to Newsletter #74 above you can see pictures of mineral arrays that have formed on Windgather Mesa and elsewhere for rivers adopted in March, and these will stay in place through to the end of the month.  These include:
  • The Peace River, which is part of the Mackenzie River watershed in Canada, adopted by EEH member Pat.
  • The Couer d'Alene River in Idaho, that is part of the Columbia River watershed, adopted by EEH member Francie.
  • Cape Neddick River in Maine, adopted by EEH member Charlie.
  • The Gualcarque River in Honduras, where activist Berta Cáceres was recently assassinated, brought to my attention by EEH member Pat.
  • Lake Okeechobee, the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Rivers in south Florida, the focus of Jane Reading's March New Moon Water Meditation
  • The Dix and Kentucky Rivers, which flow in the Ohio River, adopted by EEH member Kim.
Stones on the photo below show where new rivers have been adopted. I always appreciate hearing when folks feel drawn to adopt a river, so please let me know by email or adding a comment to the posting of this Newsletter on the FB EEH Network page.

New: Healing Damaged Ancient Grids. This is not really new work for the EEH Network--for years I have been aware that I/we and many others have been engaged in helping heal energetic grids damaged by ancient Earth traumas, notably the destruction of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Lemuria and Atlantis are very much part of my understanding of multi-dimensional reality, yet until recently they presented a definite challenge to my perspective as a geologist.  The physical evidence for the presence of continents in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans within the last tens of thousands of years is weak. There is some evidence that is suggestive, such as seismic velocities below the Atlantic mid-oceanic ridge that are more typical of continental rock than oceanic rock.  It came to me recently that 4.5 billion-year-old 3D Earth contains the energetic imprints from traumatic events that have happened in higher/other dimensional timelines, which may bleed through in ways that may express as geophysical anomalies.  

When we speak of healing damaged ancient energetic grids, physical 3D Earth provides a common ground for healing at multiple dimensions. At one level, these grids are already healed in the New Earth that Gaia and humanity are co-creating.  At the level of our immediate experience, there remains much healing to be accomplished. Much to my surprise a preliminary mineral array that formed earlier this month focused on the mid-oceanic ridges around the world, that I initially interpreted as preparation for a focus on healing Gaia's oceans, morphed into a series of arrays focused on healing damaged grids in the Atlantic and Pacific (see picture below).  These healing arrays formed in connection with the upcoming worldwide Equinox meditation described below.

New: Decoding Gaia's Magnetic Grid. On Sunday, March 20, 2016 there will be a Worldwide Equinox Meditation focused on decoding Gaia's magnetic grid. What has come to me is that the 3D ocean floors relate to the Equinox Magnetic Grid Decoding through the record of magnetic reversals that are captured in the ocean floor as magma comes up at the mid-ocean ridges and crystallizing magnetic minerals take on magnetic polarity at the time they solidify:

The floors of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indiana Oceans contain a magnetic record of some 150 million years of Earth history. Magnetics and consciousness are intimately related, and so we can also see the record of changing magnetic polarity of the ocean floor as containing a multidimensional record of Earth history. The map of the Atlantic ocean floor below gives a feel for the marvelous magnetic complexity created by the patterns of alternating polarity (note that age is used to differentiate parts of the ocean floor in this map—there have been too many reversals to show at this scale—at least 184 polarity intervals in just the last 83 million years):
I will post more about the ancient grid healing work and magentic grid decoding on the EEH Network page as I find time.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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