Earth Energy Healing Network Special Equinox Message March 18, 2015

Published: Wed, 03/18/15

Earth Energy Healing Network Special Equinox Message
March 18, 2015

Dear Earth Healers,

In my last EEH Newsletter I said I would be be taking a bit of break by not posting an EEH Newsletter in March. As it turns out this 67-year-old body requires a more extended break to assimilate and integrate the intense energies that have been flowing into the planet before undertaking any new water-related Earth Healing work.  Folks who also receive my Great Shift Blog know that I'm also taking a  break from posting those as well.  Our Earth Healing work is not included in that things I see happening planet-wide that don't make sense to me. The ongoing work related to the Upper Mantle and other projects continues.

In the meantime, I just recently became aware of the United Nations sponsored World Water Day on March 22, which has been observed annually since 1993.  I've updated the EEH Healing the Waters of the Earth page to include more information about this global event.  Below you can see that more than 260 events are planned world-wide.
In EEH Newsletter #63 I noted interconnections between the Medicine Wheel and other Earth Healing activities of the Earth Wisdom Foundation and the EEH Elemental Point of Light and other EEH projects.  Since this note is going out a few days before the  Equinox, I'd like to also share this mailing from Bennie LeBeau:

Global Medicine Wheel Ceremony

March 20 (or your local time) Spring Equinox 2015

Please join us for the spring equinox global medicine wheel ceremony. We will have people at Lake Titicaca, Peru, Mt. Shasta, Glastonbury, England and other sites in Europe, India, New Zealand, Australia, Maui, on the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, Eagle and Condor Medicine Wheel, Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel, Big Bear Medicine Wheel and many other sites.

You can connect to us in spirit from a point on one of the current medicine wheels or from your own sacred site. As we grow into future solstices and equinoxes we will expand the medicine wheel grid connections until we have many sacred sites on the Earth grids united in ceremony.

We are all connected through the Earth’s ley lines. When we go to our sacred sites to do ceremony, we can collectively clean and clear old programs from the environment and charge the Earth with peace, love, joy and abundance.

There are two large ley lines circling the Earth: the Rainbow Serpent (female) and the Plumed Serpent (male). With ceremonies at each of these sites and the Medicine Wheels connected to them through their sacred points, we connect through our hearts and send energy through the Earth’s sacred energy lines. 
Image copyright Robert Coon

You can see how this works on our website at, Upcoming Ceremonies. Or read our new book found on our website at

As you go to your sacred site, connect to all of us at the other points. The energy from our hearts will connect and the ley lines will be cleaned and cleared, then charged with peace, love, joy, harmony and abundance.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, today’s stewards who would choose to bring peace, love, joy and harmony to the planet with every thought, word, emotion and action. We can re-harmonize the Earth, retune the Web of Life, recalibrate the grids to make the Earth beautiful.

If you would like to be an Ambassador for a sacred site on any of the Medicine Wheel points or work with us to create new medicine wheels for your local region, e-mail Pat Rasmussen   [email protected].

Thank You, Oohweehoo, thanking you into infinity, Aho...                                                             

Bennie "Bavado" LeBeau, "Rainbow Thunder Heart," AKA Blue Thunder, Eastern Shoshone - Earth Wisdom Foundation’s President  Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Although I'm not sure when I'll be sending out the next EEH Newsletter (which will describe a new project focused on supporting the healing of Mother Earth's waters) I love hearing from members of the EEH Network, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to.

Blessings, Love and Light,


View this Newsletter online using this link: If you received this email as a forward and would like to join the Earth Energy Healing Network, you can sign up on the home page of the EEH website: