Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #69, July 19, 2015 Coal and Water

Published: Sun, 07/19/15

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #69, July 19, 2015
Coal and Water

Dear Earth Healers,

Spirit continues to have me focused mainly on 3D environmental and other projects, albeit with multiple energetic layers.  This past week the work went into high gear when I received an 880-page ground water assessment report for a coal ash pond in Kentucky that has been causing serious contamination of groundwater and surface water for many years.  Then a few days later the federal Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) released a long-awaited Stream Protection Rule, with the preamble and proposed rule and related draft Environmental Impact Statement each over 1,200 pages.  The proposed rule is intended to prevent and control the adverse impacts of coal mining on groundwater, 
streams and aquatic ecosystems and it is the best thing I've see come out of Washington in a long time. I'm reviewing and commenting on these documents for two different environmental organizations.

The Mineral Array pictured below formed on Windgather Mesa four days ago to provide energetic support for this work.  In the center is a Pyrite Sun from an underground coal mine in Illinois. A water-worn lump of bituminous coal is left of the Pyrite Sun, a white calcite stalactite is to the right, and double-terminated black Tourmaline below.  Green Peridot (gem-quality Olivine) connects the larger elements in the inner circle and a lavender Amethyst strand surrounds them.
Energetic support from the Earth Energy Healing Network for this work can be offered by sending love and prayers for healing  to the hundreds of coal ash ponds in the U.S. (and globally) that are leaking toxic elements into groundwater and surface water, the people whose well water is no longer safe to drink and the aquatic ecosystems that have been harmed.  Also love and healing prayers for the citizens in the coal fields whose lives have been harmed by all aspects of coal mining, and for the waters and ecosystems in thousands of miles of streams that have been destroyed and impaired because states have failed to enforce available regulations to protect them.  Also, if you are able to do so from a place of Divine neutrality, send love and healing prayers to the coal and electric utility executives and the co-opted regulators and legislators (state and national) that they may wake up and hear the Divine voice that each of us has access to, if only we listen. Thank you.
Blessings, Love and Light,


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