Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #79 July 31, 2016 Anchoring New Earth Grids(2)

Published: Sun, 07/31/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #79
Anchoring New Earth Grids (2)
July 31, 2016

Dear Earth Healers,

Spirit has had me focused other areas most of this past month except for the recent addition of a mineral array on Windgather Mesa focused on anchoring the new energies of Mother Earth's chakras more firmly into the physical plane.

Anchoring New Earth Grids: Gaia's Chakras. Mother Earth has an energy field and chakra system that has similarities to, and is intimately connected with, our individual energy fields and chakras.  Just as our energy fields and chakras are undergoing considerable change during this time of great transition, the same is true for Gaia’s energy field and chakras.  When I recently searched for information on Earth chakras to see the latest information that is available I found many commonalities in different sources and also quite different perspectives on the same locations, sometime contradictory.  From my perspective this is part of the diversity in oneness that is integral for the co-creation of the New Earth, and I honor all perspectives on this. 

The mineral array on Windgather Mesa that is pictured below focuses on helping physically anchor the energies of the New Earth into Gaia's chakras.  When I say “energies of the New Earth” I refer to energies that are already firmly in place at a higher dimensional level, and available for anyone with awareness to tune in to.  At the same time I sense these energies to be “waiting” for humanity to collectively wake up to the extent that we stop fearing, hating and killing each other before they can fully manifest in the physical plane. For additional information about the array pictured below, and also other Earth-chakra maps that provide somewhat different perspectives please see my posting on the EEH Network FB Page.  
 The Pattern That Connects. Though it doesn't surprise me, I still find it marvelous that all the New Earth grids that I'm familiar with have common locations that connect them. Looking at the locations of the Earth Chakras in the array above, I find that the grid shares locations with the three other land-based grids that are currently on Windgather Mesa as follows: Golden Solar Disc Grid (3), Arcturian Etheric Crystal Grid (3), and Pleiadian Nulls and Nodes (6). The photo below shows all the New Earth grids that are on Windgather Mesa at this time. Going clockwise from upper left they are: Freeing Gaia's Rivers, Mid-Oceanic Ridges Magnetic Coding, Iceland (central anchor location), Gaia's Chakras, Golden Solar Discs, Arcturian Etheric Crystals, and Pleiadian Nulls and Nodes.
Blessings, Love and Light,


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