Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #82 November 30, 2016 The September Equinox Timeline Shift

Published: Wed, 11/30/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #82
The September Equinox Timeline Shift
November 30, 2016

Dear Earth Healers,

The two months since I last sent out a newsletter have been a time for integration of the intense work that led up to the September Equinox, and the active integration will continue until the December Solstice.

Since the equinox it has become clearer to me why seventeen mineral arrays with varying focuses on Earth healing developed on Windgather Mesa from December, 2015 (when the first Freeing Gaia's Rivers array formed) to September, 2016. The 17 arrays that are now in place on Windgather Mesa fall into four categories:

--Healing Gaia's waters (In October the Menominee River, Wisconsin was added to the array). 
--Geophysical stabilization (four dating from April and May)
--Healing Damaged Grids (four dating from April and May, and one from August) 
--Anchoring New Earth Grids (seven dating from June to September)

In August I became aware that gatekeepers, gridworkers and supporting lightworkers had the opportunity to be the active element in creating a timeline shift that would accelerate humanity's collective awakening process (Preparing for the Third Wave and Timeline Shift). As a gatekeeper for Windgather Glade I joined with the intention of supporting an accelerated timeline. In an October video update Sandra Walter noted that the accelerated timeline was anchored during the equinox, and shared that the deciding factor (my interpretation) was a major movement of gatekeepers and gridworkers to the U.S Midwest and East Coast and Europe to remove ancient energetic blocks that have been hampering humanity's collective awakening.  When I heard Sandra say this, I suddenly realized that the Earth Energy Healing Network's work in healing damaged grids laid some groundwork for the clearing of blockages that took place on the equinox, and that the work in anchoring New Earth grids into the physical plane also provided support for the timeline shift by helping create more avenues for the reception of the energetic influxes during the Third Wave.
As for what comes next for the EEH Network, it's still an undefined mass of potentialities, though I've received glimmerings of at least one new focus. 

Blessings, Love and Light,


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