Earth Energy Healing Newsletter # 83 Stabilizing Gaia's Magnetic Grid: Pole Reversal Process (2)

Published: Fri, 03/31/17

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #83
Stabilizing Gaia's Magnetic Grid: Pole Reversal Process (2)  
March 31, 2017

Dear Earth Healers,

Spirit has had me focused mostly on family, home and homestead since the special mailing I sent out in December.  It seems that will continue for the foreseeable future, yet thanks to EEH member Milly reminding me of a FB posting I made in April last year (Stabilizing Gaia's Magnetic Grid) I am updating and expanding that posting and sending it out as an EEH  newsletter. That posting was prompted by information that is being shared on the web related to reversals of Gaia's magnetic field that may unintentionally (or intentionally) create a fear response. My work as an Earth Healer is also informed by my training as a geologist and I'd like to offer my current understanding of what's happening from a 3D geologic perspective and a human consciousness perspective. For those who are more interested in the Earth Healing focus of this topic, please scroll down to the last section. 

Magnetic Field Reversals from the Perspective of Mainstream Science. For those interested in a good general overview I recommend the Wiki article on the Earth's Magnetic Field.  Some salient points about a field reversal include:

--Magnetic pole reversals are a natural phenomenon and have taken place regularly throughout Earth history. The most recent full reversal took place around 780,000 years ago (Magnetic Field Reversals).
--Statistical analysis of geomagnetic reversals over the last 180 million years shows the timing to be random.  However, there have been several dozen pole reversals in the last 5 million years, an average of every 23,000 years, so from this "shorter" time perspective we are overdue for a pole reversal.
--The intensity of the Earth's magnetic field, generally measured as nano or microTeslas (1,000 nT = 1 μT), fluctuates over time with the total intensity equal to the dipole and non-dipole components of the magnetic field. The dipole component of the Earth's magnetic field may also be reported as the dipole moment (x 1022 Am2). An indication that Earth is heading toward a magnetic field reversal is that the dipole moment has been decreasing at a rate of 5% per century since 1600.   
--Pole reversals take place when the dipole component of the magnetic field  drops close to zero. When a pole reversal is pending the dipole component of the field may fluctuate in chaotic ways as indicated in the images below. The South Atlantic Anomaly, is often cited as an indication that a pole reversal may be pending.  The intensity of the the Earth's magnetic field in South America and the southern tip of Africa is about half that of the rest of the Earth.
--Short-term pole reversals, called excursions, lasting on the order of hundreds of years rather than hundreds of thousands to millions of year are also possible.  The Laschamp Excursion took place around 40,000 years ago and lasted about 250 years.
--The best recent estimate I've seen from mainstream scientific sources of when an excursion or pole reversal reversal might take place ranges from 500 to 1500 years in the future (Laj and Kissell, 2015).
Potential Impacts of Humans of a Pole Reversal. There are two major potential adverse impacts on humans as the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field decreases:

1) Reductions in the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field increases the amount of ultraviolet (uv) radiation that reaches the Earth's surface.  There is a strong correlation between the common, typically nonlethal, forms of skin cancer and exposure to uv radiation.  Melanoma, a dangerous form of cancer is less common and more weakly correlated with exposure to uv radiation.
2) Electrical grids and communications technology are vulnerable to being disrupted by geomagnetic storms caused by high energy x-rays and protons emitted by coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the sun.  As human society becomes increasing dependent on electricity, computers and communications technology, the potential for disruptions increases as the decreasing magnetic field provides less shielding from the impact of high-energy coronal mass ejections that intercept the Earth's orbit.  

Factors that Serve to Moderate the Potential for Harmful Effects from Magnetic Field Reductions.

--The relatively rapid reduction in the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field in the last 400 years began when the Earth's magnetic field was at an exceptionally high level. The current dipole moment value of 7.78 X 1022 Am2  is close to the average of the last 7,000 years, and approximately three times higher than the minimum intensity at the time of the Laschamp Excursion.
--The most recent solar cycle, which began in 2009, has been an exceptionally quiet one, with by far the lowest number of sunspots in the last 70 years. The peak of 74 sunspots in 2014 was later and lower that predicted (see below) and about half the number of typical peaks in the last 70 years. Potential disruptive solar storms tend to be associated with sunspots, which explains why there has been relatively little disruption on Earth during this solar cycle.
The Energetics of Human Consciousness and Earth's Magnetic Field. I would characterize the study of the relationship between human consciousness and magnetic fields as currently in the realm of frontier rather than mainstream science.  To keep this newsletter from becoming too long I would like to briefly summarize my research on this subject:

--Human consciousness is intimately connected with, and affected by, Earth's magnetic field.
--Reduced intensity of the magnetic field creates conditions favorable for a collective shift in human consciousness.
--This is happening right now on Earth and the shift is in the direction of a higher consciousness.

How We Can Assist as Earth Healers.  I have two suggestions to offer of ways we humans can support the magnetic shifts that are underway at this time:

1) Shift any feelings of fear that may arise from any aspects of the chaotic events that are taking place on the physical plane, including reports of the "dangers" of an impending magnetic pole reversal, to an open, heart-centeredness, and
2) send love into Gaia's magnetic field with the intention that the necessary shifts take place in a way that supports a gentle transition for her and all living Beings upon her.

Below is an image of a mineral array that formed on Windgather Mesa in April 2016 to support stabilization of Gaia's magnetic field without interfering with the necessary shifts that are underway. Though the array is no longer physically in place, it remains energetically active and can serve as a focus for sending love into Gaia's magnetic field. 
Blessings, Love and Light,


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