Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #76 April 22, 2016 Healing Damaged Ancient Grids (3)

Published: Fri, 04/22/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #76
Healing Damage Ancient Grids (3)
April 22, 2016

In this Newsletter:

Healing Damage Ancient Grids (3)
Upper Mantle Project Update
Freeing Gaia's Rivers Update
Coal Healing: The Pattern That Connects

Dear Earth Healers,

Blessed Earth Day and Full Moon to all.

I like the way the  Earth Energy Healing Network Facebook page allows me to easily post updates on what has been happening.  I realize that the diverse interests of those in the  EEH Network means that not all aspects of the work are of equal interest to everyone. As a way to make it easier for readers to find what may interest them the most, I'm providing a list of major sections in the newsletter at the beginning.  In each section I provide links to postings on the FB page where more information is available on specific topics (please note that I am finding some quirkiness in the way FB creates links to postings, so you may have to click on the appropriate image that comes up to see the explanatory text). The heading for the newsletter will identify the featured topic of the Newsletter.

Healing Damaged Ancient Grids (3). In EEH Newsletter #75 I describe how I reconcile the fact that the ancient continents of Atlantis and Lemuria are a solid part of my understanding of multidimensional reality with the paucity of physical evidence:  It came to me recently that the 4.5 billion-year-old 3D Earth contains the energetic imprints from traumatic events that have happened in higher/other dimensional timelines, which may bleed through in ways that may express as geophysical anomalies.  Both Mother Earth and humans with incarnational experience in Atlantis and Lemuria carry in their energy fields the trauma of the destruction of the two continents as the result of misuse of technology. Sources that I have found vary widely as to sequence and specific timing, but there seems to be a general agreement that the final end happened around 11,000 to 12,000 years ago in terms of Earth's 3D timeline

The mineral array pictured below formed on Windgather Mesa in April with a focus on the North Atlantic where Atlantis was located, based on my own sifting of information from higher dimensional and other sources. If you click on the first photo in FB link1 you will find additional information about the array.  FB link2 and FB link3 show a synchronistic (to my mind) overlap between Athanasius Kircher's 1665 map of Atlantis and the geophysical feature on the Atlantic ocean floor called the Atlantis Massif.  I had not heard about the Atlantis Massif until reviewing geological literature for Peridotite seedings for the array pictured below.

Upper Mantle Project Update. The array above includes eight new Peridotite seedings in the UMP grid.  The second photo in FB link 1 gives a feel for how I perform an etheric seeding that energetically connects the Upper Mantle with the Earth's surface after I find a location based of review of the geologic literature.  There were nine new seedings in last month's Ancient Grid Healing array (pictured below), which was part of the larger focus on encoding Gaia's magnetic grids (FB link4).  As the UMP grid grows (my latest count is 55 locations in the grid) my sense is that the unifying energies of the Upper Mantle become increasingly available for supporting all aspects of the EEH Network's Earth Healing work.    

Freeing Gaia's Rivers Update.  So far five new rivers have been adopted in April (see picture below for general locations--for introductory information about this project see EEH Newsletter #72):
  • The Nile River in Egypt and the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers in China (FB link5--click on second picture).
  • The Sacramento River, California (FB link6)
  • The Fitzroy and Brisbane Rivers in Queensland, northeast Australia (FB link7)
​​​​​​​The FGR grid is now connected with the UMP grid by locations  in or near the Mackenzie River, Canada, Sacramento River, California, Nile River, Africa and Fitzroy River, Australia.
Coal Healing: The Pattern That Connects. The central Coal Healing array on Windgather Mesa (upper part of picture below) has a constantly changing constellation of smaller arrays that mostly relate to 3D environmental projects that I am currently working on or provide ongoing support for projects I have worked on in the past.  The current configuration pictured below includes two locations in Indiana where coal ash ponds are contaminating groundwater, current work I am engaged in related to concerns about hexavalent chromium contamination of drinking water affected by coal ash ponds nationally, and ongoing support for the OSMRE Stream Protection Rule that I worked on last year.  The addition of the Fitzroy River (FB link7) to the FGR grid has created a connection with both the UMP grid (see first comment posted for the Fitzroy River) and the Coal Healing work (see second comment).
One of the great joys I feel as the work of the EEH Network unfolds is seeing how increasingly interconnected it becomes.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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