Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #77 May 22, 2016 Healing Gaia's Grids

Published: Sun, 05/22/16

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #77
Healing Gaia's Grids
May 22, 2016

In this Newsletter:

Introducing Earthstar, Timekeeper, Ahu and Timeless One.
Healing Damaged Grids (4 and 5)
Geophysical Stabilization
Healing Gaia's Rivers
The Pattern That Connects

Dear Earth Healers,

What a month!

Introducing Earthstar, Timekeeper, Ahu and Timeless One. A little more than a month ago I received an email from EEH member Allayah with photographs of two Jade Skulls and two Jade Turtles that carry the energies of the four directions and balanced energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.  They are ancient, from China, dating from around 2900 BC. The creation of these Skulls and Turtles was over-lighted by Star Elders and we began to receive direct communication that they/the Jades would like to begin working actively with the Earth Energy Healing Network to help bring in the energies of the New Earth into Gaia's Leylines and Grids. They began actively working on Earth Day, exactly a month ago. The energetic shift was astonishing.  Hugh amounts of information began streaming in, much of it bypassing my conscious understanding, but what I am able to put into words is shared in this Newsletter.​​​​​​​
 Healing Damaged Grids (4) and (5). My sense is that the intense work in recent months focused on healing damage energetic grids is laying groundwork for a shift in our work that will take place around the time of the Equinox next month.
  • Indian Ocean (grids damaged by ancient nuclear wars): FB Link1
  • North American Indigenous Sacred Sites: FB Link2
I realize that most who read this newsletter don't have time to follow all the links that are offered.  If you have time to follow any, please follow the link above to the new grid that focuses on healing damaged Indigenous Sacred Sites in North America. In the closing section on The Pattern That Connects I explain why this one feels especially important at this time.

Geophysical Stabilization. I haven't be actively tracking global geophysical activity lately, so it was a bit of a surprise when the Star Elders/Jades indicated that it would be good to create four arrays that focus on helping stabilize geophysically active areas:
  • Supervolcano Stabilization: Yellowstone Caldera: FB Link3
  • Stabilizing Gaia's Magnetic Grid: FB LInk4 
  • Pacific Rim of Fire and Juan de Fuca Plate/Pacific Northwest: FB Link5
A measure of the huge energetic shift that took place when the Star Elders/Jades began actively supporting our work is that six the seven arrays on Windgather Mesa pictured below formed since the last EEH Newsletter went out on Earth Day. All these geophysical changes are a necessary part of Gaia's dimensional shift, so the focus of these arrays is not preventing activity, but supporting timing and location of stress release in ways that supports the highest and best outcome for All.
Healing Gaia's Rivers.  I'd like the bring the Worldwide River Blessing on June 4 organized by the Mauriora Society to the attention of EEH members who have felt drawn to the water healing work of the Earth Energy Healing Network. I have updated the page on the EEH website, Healing the Waters of the Earth, that lists organizations and groups with a focus on water healing. Every time I update this page I find it heartening how many new groups I become aware of (nine added this time). 

Two new rivers have been adopted in May to the Freeing Gaia's Rivers grid (see picture below for general locations--for introductory information about this project see EEH Newsletter #72):
  • The Colorado River, western U.S.
  • The Doce River, Brazil.
​​​​​​​See FB Link6 for more information on these rivers. The FGR grid is now connected with the UMP grid by locations  in or near the Mackenzie River, Canada, Sacramento River, California, Nile River, Africa, Fitzroy River, Australia, and Minas Gerais, Brazil (UMP#21).
The Pattern That Connects. Most of the major watershed in North America are now included in the Freeing Gaia's Rivers grid, and when the Indigenous Sacred Sites in North America became a focus I realized there must be a reason.  What comes to me is that right now the crumbling grip of the old energies of patriarchy is especially evident in North America.  This grip is being undermined and loosened in countless ways that are generally below the radar screen of the mainstream media.  As we help heal Gaia's rivers and damaged sacred sites we allow the energies of the New Earth to enter and work their magic.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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