Earth Energy Healing Newsletter # 86 Being Love and Sending Love as Practices in Earth Healing

Published: Sat, 09/09/17

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #86
Being Love and Sending Love as Practices in Earth Healing
September 9, 2017​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Dear Earth Healers,

A blog I received yesterday from my friend Vera (Distracted again! How Hurricane Irma guides us away from Wholeness) prompted me to re-examine the approach I have taken to Earth healing. It's been a number of years since I reviewed the page on EEH website that describes the Earth Energy Healing Network. I find that my own perspective hasn't changed enough in the eight years since it was last revised to make any significant changes. However, I would like to offer my perspective on these words of Vera's that I find relevant to both personal and planetary healing: There is a big difference between sending love and being love. When we SEND love, we still feel we need to change the outside world. We still feel we need to fix or heal something or someone outside of us.

When I have friends who are facing health and other kinds of challenges in their lives, and it feels appropriate to offer support, I commonly say I'm holding you in my heart. When I do this I am focused on the person, not any outcome related to the person. There have been times in the past when I told friends that I was sending love and healing energy. As I shared in Some Thoughts about the Clarity and Purity of our Intentions the challenge in doing this is to act out of one's beingness without any attachment to outcome. In my own experience and observation engaging in energy healing work with a sense of attachment has the effect of lessening the healing effect, but usually does not neutralize it entirely. At this stage of my own spiritual journey, I find that sending love has been replaced by the practice of holding people, places, or happenings in my heart

On another note, sending this newsletter has prompted me to examine how the experiences reported my recent Great Shift Blog #33 (On Living in the Moment and Unity Consciousness) relate to my work as an Earth healer. At a conscious level this aspect of my life has been pretty quiet. I'm realizing now that the sense of no energetic boundaries between my own energy field and everything around me that I describe in the blog is something that has been in process for a while and began with a sense of continuous connection with Mother Earth's core, the human heart grid, the crystalline grid and other New Earth grids. It feels like the immense love I feel for Gaia and humanity is continually being distributed in a way that serves the highest good 24/7 while at times I am called to consciously focus on particular locations or events, as happened when I traveled to Kincaid Mounds in southern Illinois for the total eclipse (pictured above).

The awesome influxes of solar and cosmic energies that are bathing our beautiful planet are full of potentials for creativity and finding new ways help heal ourselves and Mother Earth. I'd like to express my gratitude appreciation to the 800+ people in 50 countries who have over the years participated in the Earth Energy Healing Network and especially the 300+ current members in 30+ countries.  What adventures are still in store for us?  

Blessings, Love and Light,


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