Earth Energy Healing Newsletter # 87 New Earth Grids (4): Pillars of Light

Published: Sun, 11/12/17

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #87 New Earth Grids (4): Pillars of Light
November 12, 2017​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Dear Earth Healers,

Spirit continues to keep me focused mostly on family, homestead and grounding the incoming energies through a fun 3D geologic project studying quartzite glacial erratic boulders from the Canadian shield in areas that, until their discovery incidental to environmental work I was doing in 2011, were considered outside the glaciated areas in Indiana. As my own Earth healing works continues to be low key, I'd like the EEH Newsletter to serve as a way to highlight the work of other Earth Healers that might be of interest to members of the Earth Energy Healing Network. The 300+ members of the EEH Network are a diverse lot, so the projects identified in this and future newsletters will be equally diverse.

Ascend Earth Project. Mel and Mike at Walking Terra Christa recently initiated the global Ascend Earth Project which formally began yesterday (11:11) and involves creation of Ascension Column Pillars of Light in support of Gaia's and humanity's ascension.  Participants are encouraged to create Pillars of Light in their own personal spaces, in nature, or both.  This is very much in keeping the the practices of the EEH Network: when we heal ourselves we heal Mother Earth; when we heal Mother Earth we heal ourselves.  Yesterday I joined the project by creating a Pillar of Light at the sacred place by the stream in McCormick's Creek State Park that I have regularly visited over the years in conjunction with my Earth healing work (photo above, and Google Earth image of the location below). The link above provides more information about the project and includes a link for joining for those who may feel called to participate.

See also the Earth Energy Practitioners page on the EEH website for a listing of more than two dozen practitioners. If you would like to be added to this page, please let me know.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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