Earth Energy Healing Newsletter # 88 Toning Circles for Mother Earth

Published: Wed, 12/20/17

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #88 Toning Circles for Mother Earth
December 20, 2017

Dear Earth Healers,

Blessed Equinox to all.  As an intense year for both humanity and Mother Earth winds downs, I'd like to share information about a new project initiated by my Earth Healer friend Leslie Lightfall.

Toning Circles for Gaia

I [Leslie] woke up this morning [11-2-17] seeing people creating toning circles. Groups of people that come together to intentionally move energy through their bodies using their own vocal sounds.  I have had that vision for many years, but this morning I saw how these circles can be of immense service right now and why they are so important at this time in our planet’s evolutionary process.

The Earth is fully engaged in her ascension process now and there are huge forces of purification and detoxification that have been activated.  We humans are being presented with a wide variety of severely challenging situations by Mama Earth that provide the opportunity for each of us directly experience how we are cells within the body of the Gaia organism and how we must become more consciously aware of our roles as co-creators with Gaia of our earthly experience.  

The image above is a painting Leslie created to illustrate visually how our toning channels human energy to Mother Earth.  As Leslie explains:

This painting shows the vision I was given ten years ago of the energetic caverns beneath the earth where energy is stored.  In many places, humans have depleted those energy stores because of using the earth’s energy without giving back.  The pink represents our love as we sing and dance our gift of our human energy to Mama Earth.  The yellow represents the ley lines that she uses to move the energy around the planet.  The orange represents our pink energy being transformed by the Earth and being then taken where SHE feels it most needs to be used or stored at any given time.​​​​​​​

This message that I recently received from Leslie as I was preparing to send out this Newsletter is timely:

In my personal experience, there is a three-day window at each Solstice and Equinox when the Earth is best able to receive energy from human beings.  These are very important times to stop, take time out to listen to the Earth, commune directly with Gaia, align with the changes she is making for the coming season, and to gift our highest and finest human energy to the Earth through singing, sounding, dancing, ceremony, celebration and prayers of gratitude.  The particular way we choose to honor and gift her is far less important than our clear and powerful intention to give back human energy to nourish her and to commune with her in a respectful, reverential and honoring way.

The Earth can best receive our offerings of human energy in healthy places, so find a beautiful spot in nature to gift her in whichever manner you feel most called to share energy with her.  

Gathering in harmonious groups to do this builds energy as we weave ourselves together as a community, amplifying what any one person can contribute individually.

This morning when I woke up, instead of seeing a network of sound circles, I saw a sound network sphere.  People all over the world joining together to gift energy to the Earth through toning/chanting/singing.  Embracing the Earth with a human HUMMMMMMMM of gratitude and love.

The time of the Solstice here on the west coast of the USA is Dec. 21, 8:28AM, Pacific Standard Time.  You can use the Time Zone Converter to convert to the time of the Solstice in your location HERE.
Below is a video that introduces the Toning Circles project (note that the video is silent until Leslie is seated and begins to speak).  For those who may be new to using their voices for Earth healing, I also recommend her video series on Creational Sounding 
Blessings, Love and Light,


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