Earth Energy Healing Newsletter # 84 Geophysical Stabilization and Solstice Entry to the Eclipse Gateway

Published: Sat, 06/17/17

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #84
Geophysical Stabilization and Solstice Entry to the Eclipse Gateway
June 17, 2017

Dear Earth Healers,

Since the last EEH Newsletter in March I have continued to be focused mostly on family, home and homestead.This newsletter is prompted by reading Sandra Walter's newsletter last night titled Bifurcation of Realities: Solstice Gateway and the August Eclipse Gateway in which she encourages Lightworkers to open the eclipse pathway (which runs from Oregon to South Carolina in the United States) now.

The June Solstice and August Lion's Gate-Eclipse Gateways. The Solstice Gateway (June 17 to 21) provides an opportunity to amplify the upcoming Lion's Gate and Eclipse Gateway energies, as described in more detail in the link above to Sandra's newsletter.  It also provides an opportunity to synergistically link several New Earth grids that the Earth Energy Healing Network has created for geophysical stabilization.  If anyone else feels called to work energetically with the Eclipse pathway, has developed a series of maps nicely titled the Path of Totality. The map below is adapted from one of their maps.
Connecting New Earth Grids for Geophysical Stabilization: Upper Mantle Project and New Madrid-Wabash Valley Fault Zones. The total eclipse pathway through the Midwest goes between the New Madrid and Wabash Valley fault zones, which the EEH Network has been helping stabilize since 2011.  In comparing the map above with the map below you can see that the Total Eclipse path runs from St. Louis to Nashville. The Kincaid Mounds in Illiniois (#12 on the map below) are close the centerline of the Eclipse path.  I was astounded to also find that Hicks Dome, #26 on the Uppper Mantle Project grid lies a short distance from Kincaid Mounds and also lies within the Eclipse path. I say astounded because the UMP grid includes some 60 points world-wide.  What are the odds that one of them would lie within the eclipse pathway? This is the first time I have referred to these as New Earth grids, yet I feel that it is appropriate to do so because they are helping create geophysical stability during this chaotic time when the energies of the New Earth are slowly being expressed in the physical plane.
Solstice Ceremonies at Kincaid Mounds and Hicks Dome. On June 20th I will be traveling from Bloomington, Indiana to Kincaid Mounds and Hicks Dome.  The purpose of the trip is several fold.  The first is to open the central Midwest segment of the eclipse pathway which, in Sandra's words, allows the purer frequencies of the Primary Christed timelines to be available, felt, and utilized by Gatekeepers and Gridworkers. The second is to connect the EEH geophysical stabilization grids more explicitly to the New Earth Grid. I am planning on being at the observation and interpretation platform at around 11 am EDT on Tuesday, June 20 (see map below). If you would like to join etherically, this Google Map link will allow you to view the site: Kincaid Mounds. I trust that it won't be flooded like shown in the satellite photo. I realize this is short notice, but if anyone in the region would like to join me please do. Hicks Dome, is about an hour from Kincaid Mounds, so I'm guessing I'll be there around 12:30 to 1:00 pm EDT. This was etherically seeded in 2011, and we'll be placing a physical Peridotite seed stone there. You can let me know if you feel called to participate by emailing me: [email protected].
Blessings, Love and Light,


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