Earth Energy Healing Newsletter # 85 August Eclipse Gateway, September Solstice Cosmic Trigger and Energizing the Unifi

Published: Wed, 07/19/17

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #85
August Eclipse Gateway, September Solstice Cosmic Trigger and Energizing the Unified Light Matrix​​​​​​​
July 19, 2017​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Dear Earth Healers and Great Shifters (who don't also receive my EEH Newsletters),

What an interesting, chaotic time we are living in! The folks that I know who are in tune with the ongoing influxes of solar and cosmic energies are in agreement that the intensity this year will continue with no let-up in sight.  I continue to be focused mostly on family, home and homestead, grounding the energies in seemingly mundane ways: equipment repair, home maintenance, clutter clearing, gardening, putting up firewood for the winter heating season.  Since I turned 70 in June 30 I have repaired three flat tires and replaced two bent car wheel rims.  Each day brings what we have started referring to with a chuckle as the crisis du jour. Though the details are different many other Lightworkers I know are experiencing challenges.  From my perspective few, if any, of these challenges involve karmic energy at the individual level.  My sense is that by accepting all challenges, whether large of small, and dealing with them with all the equanimity and divine neutrality that we can muster we are making it easier for many who are on the edge of feeling overwhelmed by the challenges they are experiencing to move through them. If what I've said resonates, thank you for your service!  On the other hand, if you are experiencing smooth sailing, thank you for holding a frequency that provides a pull to the collective that still has a ways to go! There are so many ways to be of service and I honor them all.

This newsletter is prompted by several recent newsletters that I've received identifying significant dates between now and the end of the year. My own practice when I receive information about energetically significant times/days is to put them on my personal Google calendar adjusted to my time zone, highlighting them in purple.

Final Gateways of 2017.  The following dates have been identified as significant by Sandra Walter in her July 17 Newsletter The August Eclipse: Metaphoric and Mystical (see link for additional information, PT= Pacific Time):

SUNday, July 23 – Cosmic Trigger. Last New Moon (2:47 am PT) before the Eclipse (also a New Moon).
August 3 – Gateway Opening for the August passage.
August 7 – Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse (11:12 am PT).
August 8 – The Lion’s Gate
August 21 – Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon (11:31 am PT)
August 25 – August Gateway closes
September 21 -25, including:
September 22 – Equinox (1:02 pm PT) and
September 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift
December 21 – 25, including:
December 21- Solstice (8:28 am PT) and
December 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift .

I also regularly join Sandra's weekly Global Sunday Unity Meditations.

Energizing the Unified Light Matrix.  The work of the EEH Network has dove-tailed on more than one occasion with the work of Soluntra King based in New Zealand (most recently on last year's June Solstice in Iceland).Today I received a mailing from Soluntra titled Planetary Link Up Energising the Unified Light Matrix that identifies the following dates (the link provides additional details including UTC/NZ times):

1. AUGUST 21/22
The first meditation begins at the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21/22, 
2. AUGUST 30
The second meditation is on the Moon’s apogee (moon furthest from the Earth)
The third, the Pisces Full Moon—September 6, 
The fourth is the following week, last quarter—September 13
The fifth is the Virgo New Moon—September 20
The sixth is the first quarter—September 28
7. OCTOBER 5/6
The seventh is the Aries Full Moon—October 5/6
8. OCTOBER 19/20
The eighth is two weeks later on the Libra New Moon—October 19/20

Other Significant Dates. The dates above are by no means the only energetically significant dates between now and the end of the year. If anyone who is on Facebook becomes aware of other dates and feels called to share with others, please feel free to post links with information as a comment to the posting for this Newsletter on the  EEH Network FB page or my Great Shift FB page.​​​​​​​

In the meantime, the shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded.. 

Blessings, Love and Light,


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