Re: Book Awards

Published: Tue, 10/24/17


I wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on the latest updates to our 2017 Readers Choice Book Awards Contest.

Because we've had over 1,000 authors enter the contest so far, we're adding even more prizes.

We want to make it fair for every author, so we're adding a new rewards pool where the winners will be selected at random (this is in addition to the Grand Prize).

Each vote your books get will count toward one "ticket" to this new awards pool.

That means even if you only get one vote from a reader, you'll still have a chance to win something great.

If you've already entered the contest, you should head over to our new Nominee Resources page to help you promote your book and get more votes.

We created special banners you can share on your website and social media to let people know you've been nominated for the awards contest.

There's even an email template you can use to ask your newsletter subscribers, friends, and family to vote for your book.

We're also now offering multiple contest entries! If you want to add more than one of your books to the contest, you can get additional book entries for just $25 each here.

I hope this helps!

To your success,

Tom Corson-Knowles