ECA Update: White House Announces Nomination for EM-1 position at DOE; & more

Published: Wed, 01/03/18

Jan 3, 2018
White House Nominates Anne White to be EM-1
ECA Staff | January 3, 2018

The White House announced today today the nomination of Anne M. White to be the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (EM-1) at the Department of Energy (DOE).

White is a nucear engineer with more than 25 years of experience across a broad range of activities within the nuclear field, mainly focused on project and program management projects with complex technical, regulatory, and stakeholder challenges.

The Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) is pleased to hear of White's nomination. She has been a key resource and good friend to ECA in the past, and we look forward to working with her more in the future pending Senate approval of her nomination. 

ECA would like to extend its appreciation to Jim Owendoff for his role as acting EM-1 during 2017.

White's nomination rounds out two of the  major White House nominations for DOE following the December 11, 2017 announcement of Lisa Gordon-Hagerty's nomination to be Under Secretary for Nuclear Security.


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