Here is Dr. Elaine Ferguson's Holistic Health Newsletter 01-2010 #1

Published: Mon, 01/04/10


Dr. Elaine Ferguson's
Holistic Health Newsletter
    Improving Your Health Using the Latest Holistic Medicine Research

January 2010 Newsletter #1

 New Year's Resolutions:  Reality Check
Resolutions are not just for New Year's, let's focus on health and happiness all-year round.  Read more

 Mindfulness Meditation Improves Brain and Immune System Functioning
Researchers determine the way mindfulness meditation alters and enhances the brain and improves the  immune system.   Read more 

Green Tea Reduces Depressive Symptoms

Drinking several cups of green tea every day provides nutrients that can protect your brain against depression.   Read more

Chinese Herbal Treatment Shortens H1N1 Infection
 A cost effective combination of Chinese Herbs proves to be a potent tool in treating H1N1.   Read more

Two Very Uplifting New Year Messages
 Passion.  Possibilities.  Positivity.  Read more and be inspired this New Year.

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