How Positive Emotions Protect Your Heart's Health

Published: Mon, 02/22/10


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February 2010 Newsletter #4
Welcome to the February's final edition. In honor
of it being Heart month, we've included an
article every week about heart health. This is
the final in our The Other Side of Cholesterol Series.
Next month, we have will have a free holistic health
e-book available only to our membership.
And I'm very happy to share with you that we
are planning to release our anticipated
Teleseminar series for hospitalized and
recuperating patients based on over three
decades of medical research that will promote
a faster recovery.  

Yours in Good Health,

Elaine R. Ferguson, MD

 The Other Side of Cholesterol Part 5:  Don't Worry, Be Happy:  Positive Emotions Reduce Heart Disease
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