Does cynicism, hostility and isolation contribute to heart disease?

Published: Mon, 02/01/10


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February 2010 Newsletter #1
 The Other Side of Cholesterol Part 2
How cynism, hostility and isolation contribute to heart disease.  

Mango Proves Effective in Halting and Preventing Colon and Breast Cancer Cells

A new study found that mango has promising anti-cancer properties. Read more
Two Very Interesting Articles about ADHD and Children
Take at look at these two very interesting studies about children with ADHD.  Are physicians inappropriately medicating them, while overlooking a potent and effective natural therapy?  Read More about ADHD, Overmedication & Fatty Acid Deficiencies and Omega 3 Deficiencies and ADHD.


Just a Simple Touch          
Touch therapy possess numerous health enhancing benefits.  Read more

Good News from Haiti:  How an I-phone App Saved a Dad's Life   
While we've watched the unbelievable devastation unfold in Haiti since January 12th,  I am uplifted by the reports of survivors against unbelievable odds.
Here's one I found today that should put a smile on your face. 
Here's a link to the story from the Good News Network:
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