Nature's Hidden Health Benefits

Published: Wed, 05/07/14

Holistic Health Newsletter
Nature's Hidden Health Benefits
Spring is finally here! It was a long, challenging winter. I honestly do not remember one filled with as much snow. I've often heard people describe mountains as cathedrals and use other religious metaphors to describe the spiritual awe they feel in the presence of a majestic canyon or a waterfall. Read More
Vitamin D and Sunshine
A recent study found yet again, that vitamin D deficiency is linked to an increased risk of developing a variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer. Read More

Important Health Tip
May is National Meditation Month....Are you Meditating? It's one of the greatest health enhancing tools available. Here's a link to my free healing meditation:
Read More
Ask Dr. Elaine
Question: Dr. Elaine, I have tried and tried to get control of my thoughts. It feels like they are doing the thinking for me, and I can't stop them. The only time I can stop worrying and thinking about something terrible happening is when I am asleep. I am a nervous wreck. My doctor wants me to take anti-anxiety medication, and I don't want to. What can I do? Read More
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