Sun Into Leo 2013: Riding Pegasus

Published: Mon, 07/22/13

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Sun Into Leo 2013 Edition
Hello Beauties,

    It is so good to reconnect with you.  Thank you so much for being here.  Mercury has gone direct (thank goodness!) and we're past the pinnacle of that massive water trine.  Its influence will still be strong for several months to come, but new energies are definitely emerging.  On the immediate horizon, a grand sextile will be exact on July 29th.  This is a beautiful combination of water and earth sign triangles that meet to form a hexagram (see diagram below).  It is strong feminine energy that grounds our most deeply felt aspirations and gives them form.  And in the offing, full Cardinal crosses are set to begin forming again in about a month.  For an explanation of Cardinal Crosses, please refer to my articles from 2010 .  These are intense, provocative energies that support new opportunities and breakthroughs.  What's significantly different now is that we are right in the middle of the waxing Pluto Uranus square series and expansive Jupiter is part of this new Cardinal Cross equation.  Last week I caught up with Kristy Ayala on her show, Kristy's Connection To The Soul, to talk about the forthcoming cycle in detail.  We covered quite a bit of ground, and you can listen anytime from virtually anywhere.  A chart and key date guide are also included below for your reference.  Stay in your heart and true to yourself, and these energies will open positive new doors.

    For now, we have arrived in enthusiastic, sunny Leo.  Fixed Leo anchors the season, and I hope that you are finding wonderful ways to spend your summer.  Many of you have been so sweet as to let me know that you enjoy the pictures I include here.  Thank you so much for your feedback.  Colorado is quite spectacular, and it is certainly a lot more fun to take photos now that it's warm.  So, to go with the summer spirit of this edition, I've included some more pics.  Btw, the telescope is a blast, now that it's lined up right.  Once I figure out how to take pictures with it, I hope to include those as well.  Seeing those celestial bodies is totally inspiring, and inspiration is what Leo is all about.

    in other news, we need your questions!  Hay House author and Intuitive Tara Taylor and I will be answering your questions about full sensory perception, being a Lightworker and giving readings on YouTube beginning on August 2nd.  For details, please see my blog or the Hay House Book Club article below.  The deadline for question is this Friday, July 26th, so please get those in.

Lastly in announcements, here are my summer hours for readings.  Let me know if you'd like to check in and see what's ahead.
From The Oracle

Throat Chakra

It is time for you to express your true feelings in this matter. Speak your truth with power and love.


    Known as the throat chakra, this energy center supports clear and loving expression. This message indicates that you need to give voice to an issue that is important to you at this time. A healthy fifth chakra encourages authentic  communication and maintains good health in the throat, neck, and thyroid. Allow your creativity to empower you and to inspire others.


    Express passion with fashion. Think of a clothing item that you consider verboten-that is, something seemingly too outrageous, too ostentatious, or too far out of your comfort zone. Try it on, buy it, and wear it. By doing so, you will give yourself permission to express a part of you that wants to be heard and seen.


I live boldly and fearlessly.

Colorado in the Summer

Garden of the Gods

Views from Pike's Peak.  I would have been in one up there, but it was too cold, even in early July. "America The Beautiful" was written there, so Independence Day weekend was a wonderful time to visit. 

Leo Infusion
& Infusion Sale!

    Leo is the dramatic, sunny sign in astrology that is associated with creativity, enthusiasm and play.  The Leo Infusion is an active meditation designed to encourage and strengthen your artistic abilities.  Through affirmation, vocalization and drumming, this infusion, for musicians and everyone, stimulates the creative fire within and supports confident expression.  Any problem you have has a solution.  Allow the warmth and generosity of Leo help you rediscover your joy and  lead you to inspired answers.

     The Infusion package includes an MP3 file featuring original music set to a guided mini-meditation, notes, and a worksheet and glyph for you to work with.  If you would like to hear a sample, this Infusion is currently uploaded in my free app (for Android) or you can listen directly from my site's music page through July 31st.  All 5 Infusions, Aries, Taurus, Gemini , Cancer and the new Leo one, are also on sale through July 31st.   These are the first in a series that will ultimately include all twelve signs.  Thank you so much for your support!  It is sincerely appreciated.
Hay House Book Club
July 2013

Becoming Indigo
Tara Taylor, Lorna Schultz Nicholson

     How accurate is your intuition?  Are you clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient?  Is your child an Indigo?  Hay House author Tara Taylor and I will be answering your questions about full sensory perception, also known as your 6th sense, in a series of Youtube videos in August.  The followup to "Through Indigo's Eyes," "Becoming Indigo " is the new book that follows teenager Indigo Russell as she learns to understand and consciously apply her intuitive powers and gifts. It is also the July Hay House Book Club pick.  If you would like us to answer your questions about Indigo children or using your natural intuitive abilities, simply email me your questions and include your first name and the city you live in.  The Hay House Book Club edition featuring Tara and co-author Lorna Schultz Nicholson begins airing on Friday, July 19th!  It will air every Friday for a month.  Please get your questions to us by July 26th and we'll begin posting videos with the answers on August 2nd following the Book Club. 

  The Book Club airs Fridays at 11:00 A.M. PST on Hay House Radio.

Sun Into Leo 2013: Riding Pegasus

Grand Sextile of July 29, 2013
Tune into "Kristy's Connection To The Soul" for the full scoop on the planets during the 2013 Leo cy cle.  You can listen anytime, anywhere and on any device.  And if you'd like me to take a look at your personal chart, please contact me for a reading.  
Key Date Guide
Leo 2013 Cycle

July 22nd, Sun enters Leo, Mars conjoins Jupiter, Full Aquarius Moon and Venus enters Virgo
July 27th Sun squares Saturn, Aries moon squares Pluto
July 29th Grand Sextile
July 31st Mars squares Uranus
August 2nd, Venus sextiles Mercury
August 4th, Sun trines Uranus
August 6th, New Leo moon
August 7th, Jupiter opposes Pluto
August 8th, Mercury enters Leo
August 11th, Mercury squares Saturn
August 14th, Mercury trines Uranus
August 16th, Venus enters Libra
August 20th, Full Aquarius moon (2nd one)
August 21st, Jupiter squares Uranus
August 22nd, Sun enters Virgo

      Well, the Virgo cycle will be here sooner than we know it.  As I researched this month's material, I strongly felt the new energies coming in.  Huge shifts will take place between late August and late April 2014.  In the meantime we have a lovely month to relax and enjoy the long, warm days.  Thank you again for your subscription.  I appreciate your presence more than words can say.  Wishing you all of the joy, play and celebration of Leo.

Love, blessings and gratitude always,