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Published: Mon, 06/27/22

McIntyre Financial Report: Got Holes? Today on the McIntyre Financial Report, Attorney Greg McIntyre, discuss the importance of Estate Planning &…

Are You Married?! This video is for you!

Published: Fri, 06/24/22

If you are married and own property, this video is for you!! Watch now, as Attorney Begley discusses Material Property and their ta consequences.

It's time to R S V P! Don't wait!

Published: Wed, 06/22/22

This June we are hosting 3 Estate Planning Workshops & we would love for you & your loved ones to join us! Spinning Leaf at The Vineyard June 23rd | 6…

would you please?

Published: Mon, 06/20/22

Please leave us a review... We are intent on serving our clients and protecting their hard-earned money and property. We strive for the best outcome…

Introducing McIntyre Financial!

Published: Sat, 06/18/22

Meet our Benefit's Specialist! Ryan Begley is our Benefit Specialist, trained to identify the perfect solution for your financial needs. Mr. Begley…

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