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Published: Tue, 11/20/12


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Israel and Hamas Declare a Cease Fire Deal Has Been Reached...

November 20, 2012
Hi !

As is the trend in the ME, cease fire, missiles, cease fire, more missiles and cease fire.

What do I mean by this? As Israel makes inroads with her enemy they always ask for a cease fire. It's in the Koran, it's the Muslim way. Say anything do anything to be able to fight another day. I've been watching this since 1988 and it never changes.

This is why I do my best not to jump on the prophetic-Psalm 83 mantra too fast. Things change in the ME very quickly and it takes about 10 days for circumstances to reach a calming point. The boiling point in this 7 day war, for now, is over. Psalm 83 and Psalm 2 is not in effect yet.
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