EPC gives thanks to its loyal members

Published: Thu, 10/06/22

with triple points from Oct 7 - 10
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Thank you to everyone who submitted a design and voted for our Design A Patch winner. The winning design, Best Day Ever, is now in stock. Add this beautiful new crest to your collection.

This Thanksgiving weekend, as a thank you to all our loyal E-Rewards members, we are rewarding you with a triple points event from Oct 7 - 10. Stock up on your favourite patches or fill your cart with some of our amazing new items. 

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A campfire with a heart above it. The words Best Day Ever are in an arc across the bottom.
Best Day Ever
(Iron On)
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Two slices of pizza with smiling faces face each other. One has mushrooms on it, and the other has pepperoni. The words Pizza Party are between them.
Pizza Party
(Iron On)
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Gnome with Poppy
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Symbols of Japanese culture are above the word Japan.
World Showcase Japan
(Iron On)
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A red and white ringed target with a bow and arrow in front of it.
Archery Charm
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Washington, DC
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Gnome With Pumpkin

Whether you love autumn or pumpkin spice, this gnome is for you. Holding a pumpkin covered in leaves, they look like they just came in from raking the leaves. Expand your fall patch collection.
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If you or someone you know have questions about custom embroidered crests, different ways to use woven labels or heat transfers, or just questions in general about patches, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
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