confession for you

Published: Sun, 02/15/15

I got some responses from people who Really resonated with my fear of getting started in business. Well, I have a confession: It actually was a lot worse than I shared.

You see, when I was first getting started I had no idea what I was doing and wasted thousands of dollars trying to 'figure it out' on my own. I'd like to say I felt self-assured And confident that I was going to be able to pull Myself out of the fear and pain. I'd like to say that I was just a ball of courage who was eager to be The hero to my family. But the truth is darker than That. I was scared badly.

Why? Because I just didn't KNOW the inside tips And tricks of how to market online. N-O-B-O-D-Y Ever took me by the hand and just said, "Do this, Not that" until I reached success.

I don't know where you are at right now with your Finances or your dreams. But I know that I put my Dreams on the backburner for years because I didn't Have any legitimate reason to bother dreaming. But, here's what I discovered: it was NOT my Fault. I had just NEVER been shown the way. I was never Really plugged into anything special.

Well, as you probably read in the last couple emails, I am doing something VERY special for 3 unique people On my list. If you've struggled to figure out how to actually Make the ca$hflow with your computer...guess what?

It's not YOUR fault!

You just haven't been shown the right info.
You just haven't been given the right leadership.
You just haven't been a part of an insider's mentoring club.

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Best to you,
Eric Wilkes