You can't be half pregnant...

Published: Thu, 02/19/15

Just got off a call yesterday with a 'would be' internet entrepreneur.

I call here 'would be' cuz...

She's joined at least 3 different 'systems' that I could tell.

Has spent $100s (if not $1,000s) on different trainings.

Trainings on...


Fake it till you make it with Instagram.

Twitter the bird.

Flakebook, the last traffic source you'll ever need.

And plenty of other...

whiz bang...

push button...

work for 30 days and die...

BSO, WSO, No-go-So's.

Point is, she can't make up her freaking mind.

She likes the 'idea' of owning her own online business, but hasn't fully committed.

It's like I told her...

You can't be half pregnant.

You're either all in on building your own online business that will get you out of debt, send you on vacations, and have you building a better life for you and your family...


You're wasting your time.

Plain and simple (and as she said 'a harsh dose of reality').

So that's my question to you.

Are you in...

Or out?

Do you just like the 'idea' of earning $1,000s online every month?

Or are you willing to take immediate action and prove it?

Only time will tell.


Once you're IN.

You're gonna need a system that converts ice cold website visitors into rabid buyers (and those big commission checks :)

Elite Marketing Pro is will do EXACTLY that:


Make your decision.

You can't be half pregnant.

And if you REALLY are in.

Prove it.

Getting set up with Elite Marketing Pro is the first step.


Eric Wilkes

P.S. The rest of the steps

Once you're IN.

You're not on your own.

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