Light your stupid 'Dream Board' on fire...

Published: Fri, 02/20/15

Does your company talk about 'Dream boards'?

You know, the things you're supposed to cut/ print out pictures of the lifestyle you want, things you'll do, trips you'll take?

Thought so.

Well, I think you should light yours on fire!

Before you pick up your pitch fork and start a witch hunt, hear me out...

You see, I'm ALL for dreaming and thinking big.


None of that means jack squat if you don't take action.

And not action just...

1 time a week...

Or 1 time a month.


Consistent, daily actions.

It's the ONLY way that you're gonna be able to manifest that 'Dream Board' into reality.

No amount of staring and dreaming at that board is gonna do it for ya.

So the real question is...

What consistent action have you taken this week towards making that dream board a reality?


A little?


Consistent action is really the 'Secret' to success in networking (or anything for that matter).

Does it mean you're gonna be great a prospecting, closing, presenting right away?


But you can't be great at those things if you don't take action and practice.

Speaking of taking action, and wanting to be great at prospecting and closing...

It all starts with making sure your prospects are Excited.

Don't know how to excite your prospect?

If not, that's okay.

Go grab a copy of the "Excited Prospect Formula" right now,

Then take consistent action, and you'll find yourself...

- Consistently outperforming nearly everyone in your company

- Collecting those big recognition checks


- Advancing rank faster than you ever thought (even faster than you pinned up on your 'Dream Board').

To taking MASSIVE action and living out your 'Dream Board' in real life.

Eric Wilkes

P.S. What's the worst thing that could happen?


You're at the EXACT same spot in your business (and life) as you are now.


That is the worst thing that could happen to you.

You don't take action.

And you are in the same spot in your business and life in 6 months, a year from now.

Still dealing with bills, a job you don't like, and unfullfilled 'Dream board'.

Don't delay success.

Go here now: