But it's a "relationship" business...horse pooey!

Published: Wed, 02/18/15

Have you ever heard your so-called "leader" say "It's a relationship" business? 

How's that workin' out for ya?

I think that's horse pooey! It's not a relationship business!

Let me explain...

You don't run around building relationships with people then "try" to get them to buy your stuff. That's like a predator hiding, lurking in the dark waiting for the right moment to pounce!

...And it's a TURNOFF for most people you'll meet...

Real relationships mean both parties have a vested interest in each other. If you are "building relationships" in business with only the intent to sell something you don't really have a vested interest in each other.

Instead, you're being sneaky and not completely open and honest with your "new friend".

In business you don't actually have a "relationship" until a transaction has taken place (you've actually sold something). At that point you both now have a vested interest in each other and have a real relationship.

Just like most of you reading this email who've never bought anything from me. Do we really have a relationship? Maybe you feel like you know me, but I may not know you...

...Why is that?...

Because you've probably never purchased anything from me. You're reading my emails, getting to know me but we don't have a vested interest in each other yet, and that's ok! You have a vested interest in knowing me but to be a relationship, we have to know each other. I don't take it personally. Maybe you're not ready, maybe it's not the right time, etc.


Once you make a purchase I make it a point to reach out to your personally and make it my mission to get you on the road to getting the results you're looking for. I want to know you, what makes you tick, what you want in life. AKA we both now have a vested interest in each other. It's the foundation of our relationship. 

I despise gurus and other leaders who say, "Just keep going, build more relationships"...yeah if that nonsense actually worked they wouldn't have to be preaching about it. It would be an unspoken, common sense way to create success. It doesn't WORK!

...Here's what does work...

If you're ready for a real relationship in business so you can finally erase all your financial problems, and start living your dream life...start by joining me in Elite Marketing Pro at the link below:


I look forward to personally having a relationship with you.

Talk soon,
Eric Wilkes