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⭐ New Year Hustle? Not this year ...

Published: Wed, 12/28/22

Hello friend, New Year Hustle? Not this year .... When the calendar flips to a new year some people bolt out of the gate in action mode creating,…

⭐ Last Day To Sign Up: VIBE UP NEW EDITION

Published: Sun, 10/30/22

Hello friend, I'm looking forward to starting Vibe Up To Line Up with you on Tuesday. New month new energy! Since the last Vibe Up, September 2020, I…

⭐ Don't Be This Guy ⬇️

Published: Sat, 10/29/22

Hello friend, I was having a face to face conversation with a man in his early 80's. An e pat in the place I was nomading. We met up to drink coffee.

⭐ Everything Is Out Of My Control

Published: Wed, 10/26/22

Hello friend, In the world we live in, many people feel that everything is out of their control.That life is about reacting to what is happening. And…

⭐, Your Life Won't Change Until YOU Change

Published: Mon, 10/24/22

Hello friend, Video Highlights: Thoughts are Eclectic.Emotions are Magnetic.What is your signal? If nothing changes unless you change, what needs to…

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