"They just kept coming out."

Published: Thu, 08/07/14


We have talked to all of you before about the necessity of healing retreats for former abortion industry workers. Listen to this harrowing account from a woman who recently left a Planned Parenthood facility.

"A woman came into our clinic one afternoon, in obvious pain. Another abortion facility down the road had given her a very heavy dose of Misoprostol to abort her quadruplets. She was already into her second trimester.

We guided her into the bathroom, undressed her from the waist down, and instructed her to sit on the toilet. We were all horrified at the events that unfolded in the next few minutes. The first baby fell into the toilet. The nurse grabbed a chux pad and held it to her bottom as we hurried her to the procedure room. It was then that the next two babies fell out and were hanging from her. The arms of the perfectly formed lifeless baby boys were wrapped around each other.

We were finally able to get her to the procedure room we started IV sedation, but she was still in so much pain. The fourth baby had had to be suctioned out of her. He came out in pieces.

I remember sobbing with a co-worker as we sorted through the remains of the fourth baby boy in the POC lab. We cradled the tiny intact babies in our arms and cried for them. I knew that I could no longer do this work. I was done."

This worker contacted us immediately after she witnessed this horrific event. She left a few hours later. Thankfully, this woman was able to reach back into her former clinic and get four other workers out!

We have so many stories like the one above, and believe it or not, some even more gruesome. One of our former workers witnessed a woman bleed to death on their abortion clinic table. So many heartbreaking stories...so much healing that is needed.

We want every one of these workers to attend a retreat and begin their healing journey. Our next healing retreat is scheduled for September 19-21. Can you commit to pray for these workers during that time? Can you possibly sponsor a worker to attend? We cover all expenses (including travel) for our workers to attend. It takes approximately $600 per worker to send them on retreat. Our next retreat will be our biggest ever. We are maxed out at 10 former workers. We know that these retreats are the first step to a lifetime of healing for these men and women.

Five More Workers! 121 Total!
In the past two weeks, we have had five more workers contact us. That brings our total up to 121 workers! While we praise God for this wonderful news, we are also in need of financial help for these workers. A few of these workers are high level employees with Planned Parenthood (yay!) so we are looking at a larger amount of money to help them transition into a new job.

In order to help these workers, we will need approximately $15,000. This will cover a small transitional gift to them to hold them over financially until they get their paycheck from their new job, and also helps pay for a professional recruitment service.

If you can help us help these courageous FORMER workers, please visit www.attwn.org/donate. You can also mail a check to:

And Then There Were None
PO Box 2571
Round Rock, TX 78680

Remember that all donations are tax deductible! We can't thank you enough for your continued generosity.
A Baby is Born!
I wanted to update all of you and let you know that my fourth child was born on Saturday afternoon. His name is Carter Michael Johnson and he weighed in at 7.6 pounds. Everyone is healthy and happy! I know many of you were praying for us during my pregnancy and we can't thank you enough for that. Motherhood is such a perfect gift!

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Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we fight to end abortion!

Until there are none,

Abby Johnson