2 Years, 2 Abortionists and 116 Workers

Published: Mon, 06/09/14

Dear --

Happy Anniversary to us!!  This June marks the second anniversary of And Then There Were None!  In two years, we have been able to reach 115 abortion clinic workers.  As we look back over this time, we are amazed at how incredibly blessed we have been.  We would have NEVER imagined this type of success.  What we are doing is working.  And we are just getting started!

Two Abortionists
We have recently been in touch with two abortionists...one who is currently practicing and one who had a radical conversion and left the industry.  I wanted to share his story with you. 

A while back, we received a call from a clinic worker who wanted to leave her facility. We assisted her in her exit and have kept a relationship with her over the past year. A couple months after she left, one of the abortionists (the person I talked to today) also left. But neither one of them knew that each other had resigned because of their change in moral convictions. Several months after this particular abortionist resigned, the clinic where he used to work permanently closed.

By that time of the closure, he had already moved to a different city and was working at a woman's medical center where he can help women with their physical problems...and he also has the amazing opportunity to talk to women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies and help them choose LIFE!

He recently joined the Catholic Church and has weekly spiritual direction with an amazing priest (who I know) in the area where he lives!! The priest that he works with asked if he knew of me and my ministry. He had heard of me but didn't know very much so he started looking up And Then There Were None and saw an article that we wrote about one of the women leaving the clinic that used to work at the abortion clinic where he practiced. He said he was completely overcome with emotion and knew he had to contact me to thank me for helping this woman that he used to work with.

What an amazing and emotional conversation for both of us! His family is currently under major spiritual attack regarding their health. I assured him that he would have thousands of people praying for him and his family during this time. He told me today that he is so thankful for our ministry and that he is so excited to support us prayerfully and financially...and he is praying about how he can become more involved in the prolife movement.

One Hundred Sixteen Abortion Workers
This is simply a number that we could have never predicted.  Every single one of these workers represents the powerful transformation that can be found in Christ and His redemptive nature.  We have workers of all different kinds...nurses, center directors, billing specialists, lab technicians, receptionists, medical assistants, security guards...you name it, we have worked with them.  We are working with former workers from high profile abortion centers run by Kermit Gosnell and Douglas Karpen.  We are also working with former workers from clinics that you have probably never heard of.  Every one of these men and women are equally important to our ministry...and equally important in the eyes of Christ. 
Healing Retreats
Probably my favorite part of our work is providing healing retreats for those who have left the abortion industry.  Our retreats are geared towards all different workers, including those who used to work as physicians in the industry. 

Our next retreat will be in September and we are currently raising funds to help bring these women there.  Because we would never want someone's healing to be a burden on them, we take care of ALL expenses, including airfare, lodging, meals, etc.  This next retreat will cost us approximately $600.00 per person.  We have extended the retreat program by one day which brings about additional costs, but we know it will also bring about additional healing. 

If you would like to help us reach our fundraising goal of $6000.00, please visit our site at www.attwn.org/donate. 

Amazon Smile
We are now listed as an Amazon Smile partner.  If you order lots of goodies from Amazon, please consider listing And Then There Were None as your charitable recipient.  For everything you purchase, 5% of your total order will go to our organization.  It is super easy to sign up.  Just visit smile.amazon.com and enter our tax ID number in the search box (or you can search by name). Our number is 45-3839973.  It's that simple!  Happy shopping!

Sidewalk Counselor Packets
We still have a few sidewalk counselor packets left in our office.  If you would like one of these packets, please reply to this email with your mailing address.  These packets are intended to help you better reach the abortion clinic workers at your local facility.  We have sent out over 200, and everyone agrees that they are full of very useful information. 

As always, we would be remiss if we didn't take the time to thank all of you for your continued and generous support.  Your financial giving and particularly your prayer support means more to us that you will ever know.  Thank you. 

For life,

Abby Johnson
And Then There Were None