Why would they lie to me?

Published: Thu, 03/12/15


The other day I got a very emotional phone call from a young woman who works at Planned Parenthood. She originally called because she had heard about our ministry and had some questions for me. The conversation started out a little tense. I could tell that she wanted to defend her work. I completely understood that...when you admit that the organization you work for is corrupt, you have to admit that you have been part of that corruption. Facing that reality is difficult...I remember. 

As the conversation went on, I could hear her voice occasionally break. After about 30 minutes, I finally said, "You know, I know what it's like to work at Planned Parenthood. You can be honest about what it is like for you." At that, she immediately broke down. I sat silently and listened to her cry for 5 minutes. When she was able to calm down enough to talk, she simply said, "Why would they lie to me?" She went on to explain that when she went to interview with them, they had been very clear that she would NEVER be involved in abortion. However, they slowly began to move her around the clinic...first a receptionist, then an educator, then working in the exam room "just setting up instruments," then working next to the abortionist, then finally to the POC (products of conception) lab where she has been trained to piece babies back together after they had been aborted. 

Why did they lie? Because they have to. Because no one grows up wanting to work in the abortion industry. Because the truth of abortion is so vile, they have to hide it. 

But that's why we are here. We are here to be a support to these workers as they take the courageous step to leave. We are here because we about them and their healing. 

We are so happy to report that we are now up to 144 workers who have left the abortion industry with the assistance of our ministry! This 144 includes 5 abortionists who have left their practices and are now working to preserve life instead of destroying it. 

We are also currently in discussion with two abortion facility owners who are looking to close their facilities. 

Amazing things are happening and we are so thankful for all of your support and prayers! We know that we wouldn't be where we are without you. 

We are currently in need of financial support to help three workers who have recently walked out of their abortion facilities with no promise of a future job. We are committed to financially help them through this transition as they are all single parents with children to care for. We have also hired a professional recruiter to assist them in their job search. Our current financial need is $10,000. If you feel called to give, you can click this link

Current job needs: 
- Medical assistant in Myrtle Beach, SC
- Women's Health Nurse Practitioner in Dallas, TX
- Health educator of Medical assistant in Houston, TX 

If you know of anyone personally hiring in these areas, please email us at abby@attwn.org. 

Thank you for your support! We have a lot of new developments taking place over the next few weeks! We will keep you updated! 

Until there are none, 

Abby Johnson