Discount Days at The Loft Literary Center

Published: Sun, 04/24/22

We're competing for readers' attention, against more sources of entertainment than ever before.

If there was ever an obligation on an audience to "give it time," it's less binding now than before. This doesn't mean that we have to compromise the quality of our writing or sell our souls to keep our readers, but it does mean that we should get our hooks into our audience quickly and keep them enthralled. 

The Loft Literary Center invites writers of all skill levels to sign up for Crowd Control, a virtual course taught once a week in real-time from June 21 to August 9. 

Using works by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Malcolm Gladwell, David Sedaris, and other authors, writers will dissect structure, narration, and much more to transform their writing into something readers can't put down. 

For more information, access the Crowd Control course page. Writers who register on April 28th (special discount day) will receive 10 percent off their registration fee.