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Published: Fri, 08/19/22


VOLUME 22, ISSUE 33 | AUGUST 19, 2022


Message from Hope

This week has had a bit of a damper on it. 

My two little grandsons, ages 6 and 8, lost their other grandmother a week ago today. Phylis lived a mile from me, and we shared grandmotherly responsibilities for those little guys. She died suddenly. Nobody saw it coming at age 65, and she was one week older than me. 

She went to book club with me, and we had plans to do things. Even if in marriage only, we were family. She read every one of my books and was a big fan. I was hoping to put a character in one who she could call hers. It will happen, for sure, but I just wish she were around to read the portrayal and laugh with me about it. 

I posted this quote last week and applied it to the love to write.

“Love is the quality of attention we pay to things.” ~poet J.D. McClatchy.

I wish I had given her more attention. I wish we had talked more about books. Most of all, I wish she'd seen her grandsons grow up. She was more than remarkable.

C. Hope Clark
Editor, FundsforWriters
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"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure." - British economist Charles Goodhart (Goodhart's law)

This quote says that basically, when you set a goal, and you become hard focused in meeting that goal, you can easily forget what drove you to set the goal in the first place. The measure, so to speak, becomes the details in the goals instead of the original mission. 

Metrics, for instance. When you set goals in terms of hours, dollars, sales, hits, reviews, and followers, and that's what you get up in the morning to which to give your attention, you begin chasing the metrics. Your original goal turns murky. 

In another instance, you may notice what's popular and think, I can do that. That applies not just to books but also to short pieces, even journalism. You see what is getting attention, say on sites like or popular blogs. Or in terms of books, you see the best selling genres and shift gears to write those instead of what you originally started writing. 

You are chasing success. You are trying to find the easier road, or at least the road someone else has cut out ahead of you. 

My first mystery series is The Carolina Slade Mysteries. Many New York agents replied saying nobody wanted to read about an amateur sleuth like her, especially from the South, especially rural. Good writing, they said, but they didn't like the protagonist enough nor her setting. I, however, loved her. I developed her, fleshed her out, and eventually I sold her, quickly learning that strong female mystery protagonists were my thing. 

I'm so glad I didn't detour and write about vampires.




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"I do not sing because I'm happy; I am happy because I sing." – William James


SUccess Story

Hello Hope,

A few months ago, you listed a website called Beyondish in your newsletter. They seemed like an interesting company to me, and I reached out to them. Now, I've written three profiles of food companies for them, and have several more in the pipeline for their On The Dish section. As a new freelance writer, these pieces are giving me clips to show other prospective companies as I continue to pitch my services. Thank you for the writing encouragement!

LA Bourgeois
LA (as in tra-la-la) Bourgeois
Writer & Coach

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Featured article

How to Break into Travel Writing without Traveling

By Bernadette Geyer

This may come as a surprise, but you don't have to travel to become a travel writer. Almost everybody lives in or near a town or city that has some points of interest for others. If you've lived in your area for a long time, you probably know a lot about its various attractions. That makes you a great resource for others who may be interested in visiting your city or region. It's also a great opportunity to use your knowledge to break into the field of travel writing without ever having to board an airplane.

Lists are a great entry point for new travel writers. Niches are all around you, and you can easily create lists of things to do for each of those niches. Many of the articles I have written and published about where I live – Berlin, Germany – have been very focused list articles. For Paste Magazine, I wrote "Three Two-Wheeled Ways to See Berlin," which covered ways of getting around in the city that didn't involve public transportation or a car. iExplore published my article "Berlin Is a Year-Round Halloween Town," which detailed several local attractions that cater to fans of horror and the macabre.

The following are some additional examples of niches that you could focus on if you're interested in breaking into travel writing.

Fun for Families

Take a look around you and list the top attractions in your area that would be great for families to visit. Are there kid-specific museums or special concert venues? Does your city or county have interesting or notable parks or playgrounds, or are there a variety of interesting sites that would be perfect locations for a child's birthday party? These are all potential topics for a list that traveling (or even local) families might find useful.

Luxury Vacation Tips

If there are venues and sites that would appeal to travelers looking for one-of-a-kind experiences, you can put together a list of places in your area for this demographic. High-end spas or winery tours – even private workshops with artisan cheese-makers or chocolatiers – are great examples of attractions for those with larger travel budgets.

Can't Miss Roundups

As a local, you likely know the best hotels or inns in the area, great dining options, or the hottest places to shop. Lists on these subjects – providing details on location, prices, or other relevant details – are a mainstay for travel publications. For example, I spent a year researching all the best places to buy and enjoy cheese in Berlin for "Käse Study: A cheese-lovers guide to historic, hedonistic Berlin," which was published in culture: the word on cheese.

My cheese article brings up a final important point: Don't forget to look beyond travel magazines as potential outlets for your pitches. The following is a list of some great publications that accept pitches for travel writing:

AFAR Magazine -
culture: the word on cheese -
Food & Wine -
Go World Travel -
iExplore -
Today's Parent -

To save yourself time and energy, before writing anything, check the guidelines for the publication you want to approach with your story idea. Publication needs differ when it comes to length and tone, so you don't want to have to completely rewrite your article based on the outlet. Of course, some editors will want to see a complete piece, so pay close attention to guidelines before submitting anything.

Starting out in travel writing can seem daunting if you don't live in a major city. However, don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to be invited to go on fancy press trips in order to start building your portfolio.


BIO: Bernadette Geyer is a writer, editor, and translator in Berlin, Germany. Her writings have appeared in AFAR Magazine, culture: the word on cheese, FundsforWriters, The Writer, and elsewhere. Geyer has copy edited or translated more than 20 books and teaches the "Online Clips for Freelance Writers" workshop through WOW! Women on Writing. You can find out more about her through her website at



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This is a publication on founders and the entrepreneurial spirit — we're telling stories on everything that people touch in the tech industry, whether those stories involve founders or investors, the teams that operate early-stage startups or the people using just-launched apps, full-timers or those who tap into their desire to build with pottery, newsletters, and other side hustles. We pay competitive rates for our writing and art, and take pitches. Pays as much as a dollar per word.

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If you would like Beacon Press to consider your work, first familiarize yourself with our mission statement and our publications. We are not accepting submissions for new poetry, fiction, or self-help books at this time. Please also note that our publishing mission is currently general trade; some of our publications are trade books with an additional scholarly market, but we are not currently accepting submissions for purely academic projects. If you believe your work would be a good fit for our list, please email a 250-word query describing your proposal to [email protected]. If we are interested in receiving a full proposal, we will email you within three weeks.

We accept proposals from Australian writers only, for general and commercial nonfiction – including history, current affairs, sports, and biography – and for literary and YA fiction. We also accept proposals from corporate organisations for custom publishing projects. We are not currently accepting submissions for the following genres: fantasy, science-fiction, travelogues, crime/mystery, erotica, poetry, middle grade or picture books.

Accepting high-quality middle-grade and YA fiction, especially books showcasing strong voices, unique stories, and diverse characters. Also welcomes applications from authors interested in producing fiction manuscripts on a work-for-hire basis.








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