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Published: Fri, 09/16/22


VOLUME 22, ISSUE 37 | SEPTEMBER 16, 2022


Message from Hope

I spoke at the Chapin Library this week as their book club celebrated their 20th anniversary. Excellent little affair that was well attended. In 10 days I speak at the local Ruritan Club. 
When Badge of Edisto comes out, I will be presenting at The Coffee Shelf in Chapin on October 29. 

All three events take place in little old Chapin, SC. I learned during COVID, when traveling was impossible, that locals adore seeing their own do well. So I saturated my local area with events and news. As a result, I'm quite known in this area of the state. 

Never underestimate the power of being a hometown author. That support can become quite popular and quite powerful. The word of mouth is epic, and people seeing you in the grocery store and local restaurants only impresses more for them to buy your books. 

This week I was featured in Chapin Magazine because a local librarian knew my grandson in the elementary school, writes a book review column, and had the forethought to pitch the magazine about interviewing me.

The little connections matter. They become bigger connections. Everyone's word of mouth is important. And being available on the local level, remembering to continually spread the word about what you do, creates this cemented relationship that commits your local area to support you book after book after book. 

Millie West, Raegan Teller, C. Hope Clark, and Cat Fitzgerald
Chapin Library, Chapin, SC, September 12, 2022

C. Hope Clark
Editor, FundsforWriters
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Fear keeps you from getting your writing ideas out there. What if the editor bans you from pitching ever again? What if a content idea for a client flops? What if your blog post gets zero engagement?

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When There's Too Much How-to Info

I received this email from a new FundsforWriters reader. I have paraphrased it a little bit to avoid showing her history. 

<<First, I love your site. I can't wait to continue exploring all of the valuable information that you have. I am a new writer not yet published. I have read so much material (books, articles, blogs), you name it, about the craft or writing. Some of them try and convince me that I will write a great novel in 90 days. Others imply that self-publishing is the only way to currently get published. I honestly feel like I am swimming in TOO MUCH information. 
So, I guess my request would be an article helping new writers maneuver through the slush and read what we really need to get started. I hear your voice, "That is too broad a topic." Probably so, but if you could just highlight a few that would help.>>

My response:  
You are right. That is too broad a subject. But you are also right in that there is too much information. It's amazing how many people publish how-to without the teeth behind the lesson. They are more known for their how-to than their actually doing. 

But also, no two writers step into the profession with the same tools or need the same tools. Decide what you want to write, then read other books/stories like it, and write over and over and over, amassing the thousands of words that give you the catalyst and know-how to improve. Only don't push to just count words. Push to make each story, each page, each paragraph, better than the last. 

Tune out the advice you do not need. Many fear they will miss some nugget of advise that will make all the difference. You cannot begin to read it all, and attempting to will only muddy the waters. Besides, not all of it applies to you. A ton of it does not apply to you. Much of it applies to the moderate, average writer, too. I assume that's not what you want to be, Pick your own narrow road and stick to it. 

But when it comes to writing, you study the successful in the genre you prefer. To me, it's that simple. 

And it comes to publishing, you decide which method suits your lifestyle, not the amount of money you will make. Again, it's that simple.

I chose not to self-publish. I chose not to publish with a Big 5 publisher. I chose the writing life I live, and I believe it shows. You can do the same when it comes not only in learning how to write, but in how to publish, and how to live the life of a writer.  






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- Sept 26, 2022 - Ruritan Club, 117 Peak Street, Chapin, SC - 6PM 

- October 29, 2022 -
The Coffee Shelf, 130 Amicks Ferry Rd, Chapin, SC - 8-11 AM

- Week of Nov 6-12 - TBD - Signing for new release, Badge of Edisto, Edisto Bookstore, Edisto, SC 

 - June 3-10, 2023 - Writing Retreat on the Maine Coast - Special Guest - Sponsored by Joan Dempsey, author and teacher 

Email: [email protected] to schedule  events, online or otherwise. There's starting to be life out there!     



"To be nobody-but-yourself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." 
– E.E. Cummings


SUccess Story

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Featured article

Preparing for Computer Problems as a Writer

By Bernadette Geyer

At some point, every writer loses an important file. If you're lucky, it will be only one file. However, if your computer dies, gets hacked, or falls from a great height, you want to make sure you don't lose your life's work. The first time I had a computer die on me, the computer repair shop was able to rescue a majority of my creative writing documents. There would have been no way for me to re-write dozens of poems and story ideas.

For the creative works that were not rescued from my computer, I was able to retrieve most of them from literary magazine submission portals, which involved logging on to the platforms and right-click-saving any documents I had uploaded. I am sure there are some ideas of mine that are lost to time. After that experience, I made sure to work smarter through the use of a few simple but important document-saving methods.

Cloud-Based Templates

You can store templates of important files on a cloud-based drive such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. If you are a creative writer with a limited number of pieces that you are actively pitching to journals, you can keep those documents and a cover letter template stored in the cloud. In case of an emergency, you'll be able to access those documents just by logging on to your drive from any device – whether that's at your friend's house, the library, or an internet cafe.

USB Sticks

When I started to write nonfiction as a freelancer, I realized I needed a safer way of saving all of my documents, from my submission tracking spreadsheet to pitch emails and scans of published clips. At this point, I developed a habit of backing up my most important files to a USB stick on a monthly basis. In case of emergency, the worst that would happen is that I would lose a month's worth of work. You can get something inexpensive with minimal storage space, like the SanDisk 32GB Ultra, or a more expensive option with more storage, like the SanDisk 512GB Ultra.

External Hard Drives

Ultimately, when I was working as a full-time freelance writer and translator, I realized that I needed something much safer – particularly when working with documents that weren't just my personal writing. Clients would not be very happy to hear about the loss of all documents less than a month old. I invested in a two-terabyte portable external hard drive by WD Elements, which was used as my working drive and as a backup. Because the device has so much storage space, I also used it to store digital photos and videos from family. 

When I started to notice that my five-year-old laptop's battery was not holding a charge as long as it used to, I made sure all important documents were moved over to my external hard drive. On the day the laptop ultimately refused to switch on, I knew that all my files were safely stored on my external hard drive – including my Quicken backup file. All I would need to do is re-install Quicken on a new laptop and open up the backup file to resume use. 

Better Safe than Sorry

It doesn't matter which method you choose – the important thing is to back up your work regularly. You may not feel the need to upgrade your computer more than once every five or six years, but there are more than just system age issues that can cause you to lose important work. By having a process in place and researching the best computer repair shop in your area, you'll be prepared for any eventuality.


BIO: Bernadette Geyer is a writer, editor, and translator in Berlin, Germany. Her writings have appeared in AFAR Magazine, culture: the word on cheese, FundsforWriters, The Writer, and elsewhere. Geyer has copy edited or translated more than 20 books and teaches the "Online Clips for Freelance Writers" workshop through WOW! Women on Writing. You can find out more about her through her website at


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Registration Closes Oct. 1 for Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop

The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop has a limited number of seats available for the Oct. 20-22 gathering. Registration deadline: Oct. 1 (or a sellout).

It’s a workshop for writers of all genres and all levels of writing experience. The classes are offered multiple times. Keynote speakers at meals will not only inspire and educate you but entertain you as well. Best of all, it offers time away for you to refuel.

The workshop will feature celebrated comedians and authors, including "Cathy" cartoonist Cathy Guisewite, "Saturday Night Live" legend Laraine Newman, New York Times bestselling authors W. Bruce Cameron and Adriana Trigiani, screenwriter Cathryn Michon, improviser and comedian Dion Flynn, and award-winning author Katrina Kittle.

The $499 fee includes all meals, keynote talks, choice of dozens of workshops, and a complimentary virtual package of the keynotes and Pitchapalooza. Discover more and register here. For the virtual option only, the registration fee is $79. From the comfort of your home (think: pajamas!) you can enjoy the keynote talks and Pitchapalooza, participate in a live chat with other writers joining virtually or tap back in later at your convenience.

Register here.

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£10 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 5, 2022. First prize £2,000. Second prize £500. Third prize £250. This competition is open to unpublished poems of any length, on any subject. Submit up to three poems. Unpublished Poetry Prize for the best poem by a previously unpublished poet: £250. The four winners, plus sixteen additional finalists will have their poems published in the March issue of Mslexia.

£20 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 5, 2022. First prize £250, plus publication by Bloodaxe Books. The competition is open to unpublished collections of up to 20 poems, of up to 24 pages.

£20 ENTRY FEE. Deadline October 30, 2022. Annual Prize with publication in the anthology. Word count 1,000-2,500. First Prize: £400. Second £250. Third £150. Shortlisted £20. 

£8 ENTRY FEE. Deadline October 30, 2022. Annual Prize with publication in the anthology. Word count 101-500. First Prize: £350. Second £200. Third £100. Shortlisted £15. 

£5 ENTRY FEE. Deadline October 30, 2022. Annual Prize with publication in the anthology. Word count up to 150. First Prize: £200. Second £100. Third £50. Shortlisted £10. 

£8 ENTRY FEE. Deadline September 25, 2022. Theme: Amok. The winner and two runners-up receive cash prizes, have their stories published in the flash fiction journal on our website and will also have a professional reading of the story from actor and voice artist, Holly Joyce. These readings will be published on our YouTube channel and the winning writers will receive a copy to use for themselves, too. First prize £200, story published online, professional recording of story. Runner-up x 2: £100, story published online, professional recording of story. Word limit 500. 

£8 ENTRY FEE. Deadline December 30, 2022. Theme: When the Mighty Fall. The winner and two runners-up receive cash prizes, have their stories published in the flash fiction journal on our website and will also have a professional reading of the story from actor and voice artist, Holly Joyce. These readings will be published on our YouTube channel and the winning writers will receive a copy to use for themselves, too. First prize £200, story published online, professional recording of story. Runner-up x 2: £100, story published online, professional recording of story. Word limit 500. 

$65-95 ENTRY FEE. Deadline November 18, 2022. Lambda Literary Awards celebrate the outstanding LGBTQ+ storytelling from a given year. Submitted books must be published between January 1 and December 31, 2022. The book must also be distributed (i.e., available in bookstores or online) in the United States during 2022.

Submissions open in January 2023. 

The Randall Kenan Prize for Black LGBTQ Fiction goes to a Black LGBTQ writer whose fiction explores themes of Black LGBTQ life, culture, and/or history. The winner of the prize must have published at least one book and show promise in continuing to produce groundbreaking work. The award includes a cash prize of $3,000.

Jeanne Córdova Prize for Lesbian/Queer Nonfiction goes to a writer committed to nonfiction work that captures the depth and complexity of lesbian/queer life, culture, and/or history. The winner of the prize will have published at least one book and show promise in continuing to produce groundbreaking and challenging work. The award includes a cash prize of $2,500.

The Judith A. Markowitz Award for Exceptional New LGBTQ Writers recognizes LGBTQ-identified writers whose work demonstrates their strong potential for promising careers. The award includes a cash prize of $1,500. Two prizes are awarded annually.

Jim Duggins prize honors LGBTQ-identified authors who have published multiple novels, built a strong reputation and following, and show promise to continue publishing high quality work for years to come. This award includes a cash prize of $5,000.

The J. Michael Samuel Prize honors emerging LGBTQ writers over the age of 50. The prize will go to an unpublished LGBTQ writer over 50 working in any genre. The award includes a cash prize of $5,000. 




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Deadline April 15, 2023. The Karen and Philip Cushman Late Bloomer Award is for authors over the age of fifty who have not been traditionally published in the children’s literature field. The award is open to unpublished children’s book authors or author/illustrators over the age of fifty, and one winner will be chosen from the pool of those who have submitted material for the SCBWI Work-in-Progress Grants. The winner will receive $500 and free tuition to any SCBWI conference anywhere in the world. (Conference tuition includes tuition to the general conference, and does not include transportation, hotel, and expenses.)

Deadline November 1, 2022. Writers in Paradise is a workshop-based conference. Application materials are required from all who wish to attend. Acceptance is based on a writing sample and a statement detailing your writing background. If you have previously attended the Eckerd College Writers’ Conference, your statement should describe what you learned and what you hope to accomplish by attending again. While admission is selective, we accept writers with early potential, as well as those with strong backgrounds in writing. Writers in Paradise offers a limited number of fellowships on a competitive basis. All fellowships are awarded based on the strength of the writing sample and statement of intent, and with consideration of published works in reputable magazines and journals, where applicable. 

Deadline September 28, 2022. In partnership with the Maine Community Foundation, the MWPA is proud to offer the Martin Dibner Memorial Fellowship for Maine Writers. The Dibner Fellowship will cover the full cost of those chosen to attend the Harvest Writing Retreat. Every applicant must submit an application, statement of intent, and work sample. You do not have to be a member of MWPA to apply. Open to Maine residents who have not published a full-length book and who are 18 years of age or older at the time of the application. The fellowships are open to writers in all genres.

Our popular annual programme of Subsidised Winter Residencies will run between January
and March 2023. All residencies during this period are offered at a reduced cost. Residencies are self-directed and designed to ensure those taking part have the time and facilities required to develop their own work. Cove Park is based on a stunning 50-acre rural site in Argyll, overlooking Loch Long on Scotland’s west coast. We are just 1 hour west of Glasgow by car or public transport. This year we can offer a reduction of up to 20 percent on our usual rates. 



Have you been thinking about freelancing but don’t know where to start? Here’s the first step to strike out on your own.

My friend Dana Miranda at Healthy Rich is hosting a live, virtual class on Fri., Sep. 30, to show you how to make the transition to freelancing and design the life that’s just right for you.

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Guidelines here. 
This new publication offers reporting, essays, interviews, and research on how work is changing. The evolution of work is accelerating rapidly: Changing cultural attitudes, macroeconomic forces, and businesses are reshaping the workday. We hope our publication offers insight for people across the org chart on how to make the most of this moment to have more fulfilling careers and better lives outside work. The how, where, when, and why of work—ideation, pitching, production, distribution, and marketing—are dramatically changing. The mission of this new publication is to chronicle and forecast those metamorphoses. We know that supportive company culture can supercharge a business, and we’re looking for true stories of how that happens. Trend stories (1,200 words). Scientific studies (1,000 words). Wellness at work (1,100 words). Narrative features (2,000-2,500 words). Leadership interviews (1,500 words) and profiles (2,000 words). Pay for articles ranges between 40 and 75 cents per word. 

Every issue of Pipe Wrench is made of one longform feature story and a constellation of conversation pieces — shorter contributions in a range of styles and media that springboard off the core story. Longform stories start at $1,800. Conversation pieces start at $200. (Thanks WOW-WOMENONWRITING.COM)

The American Gardener is the official publication of the American Horticultural Society. Our readers are mainly experienced amateur gardeners; about 20 percent are horticultural professionals. Among the topics of particular interest to us are profiles of individual plant groups; innovative approaches to garden design; profiles of prominent horticulturists whose work has a national impact; plant research and plant hunting; plant conservation, biodiversity, and heirloom gardening; events or personalities in American horticultural history; people-plant relationships (horticultural therapy, ethnobotany, and community gardening);  environmentally appropriate gardening (choosing plants suited to one’s region, using native plants, conserving water, etc.); and plant lore and literature. Feature articles run 1,500 to 2,500 words. Departments run 600 to 1,000 words. Payment for feature articles ranges from $300 to $600 on publication. Payment for departments ranges from $150 to $200.

Mic chronicles the Millenial generation’s most compelling stories at the intersection of culture, impact, and identity. Features are typically between 1200 and 2500 words, with rates starting at $400 for short essays and 50 cents a word for reported features, depending on a writer’s experience and expertise. Email [email protected] with an engaging and clear subject line that describes your pitch. (Thanks WOW-WOMENONWRITING.COM)

Bay Nature magazine is published quarterly, and features new pieces every week. We welcome pitches from freelance journalists, writers, thinkers, scientists, photographers, conservation leaders, artists, cartographers, and infographic designers. Both in print and online we’re always looking for new environmental science to explain, species to explore, important conservation issues to tackle, new open spaces to visit, and interesting people working with nature to feature. Usually pays 50 cents to a dollar per word. 



BenBella Books is a publishing boutique that publishes around 40 books a year, is very selective in what it acquires, and works with great diligence to publish each book to its maximum potential. We are actively acquiring strong nonfiction manuscripts. We are not looking for fiction at this time. We pay advances in the range of $5,000 to $20,000 for most books, but for books we really want, we offer profit-sharing deals with extraordinary upside. We are strong marketers, and each of our books has a customized marketing plan and approach. 

Microcosm specializes in nonfiction DIY (Do-It-Yourself) books, zines, and decks that focus on the reader and teach self-empowerment. We are interested in creators with both expertise and lived experience that fit in the following subject areas: Magick How To, The Good Life, Scene History, Building the Bicycle Revolution, Queering Consent, Travel guides, Punx, Comics Journalism. We do not pair writers with illustrators but we do perform full developmental edits for books that we publish. We'll sign a book based on your idea and portfolio alone and can help you workshop it together), and Gift (humor, animals, fun but educational).

We are publishers of children’s books and gift books for all ages, as well as puzzles, flashcards, and games for kids. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, we collaborate with publishing professionals in more than five countries and across the United States. 

After a search for some fun books based in the awesome eighties, and having no luck finding anything, we decided to begin a publishing company for just those totally rad books and authors. Small Town Girl Publishing is an imprint of Brother Mockingbird Publishing. 

We do not publish anything that has been previously published. We are not looking for novellas or erotica. Seeks the following genres: Action/Adventure, Chick Lit, Commercial, Contemporary, Crime/Detective/Cozies, Fantasy: Magical Realism, Historical, Horror, Humor/Satire, Inspirational, LGBTQ+, Literary, Multicultural, Mystery, Nonfiction, Picture Books, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Upmarket, Western, Women's Fiction, Young Adult. 

Blind Eye Books publishes science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance novels featuring LGBTQ protagonists. We do not publish short story collections, poetry, erotica, horror or non-fiction. We would hesitate to publish any manuscript that is less than 70,000 or over 150,000 words.








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