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Volume 15, Issue 4, january 23, 2015


Message from the Editor

It's amazing how many readers ask about my chickens. Here's one of the new Buff Orps, just started laying in the last two weeks. They are little eggs, but that's okay. When we're early in the game, whether it's writing or laying eggs, we're learning how the game is played. I'll keep feeding them and cooing to them, keeping the rain out and letting the sun in where they live, and like my writing evolves, they'll evolve, too, growing into the big fat birds they can be, laying gorgeous jumbo eggs with plump orange yolks that beat the heck out of store-bought eggs. It takes nurturing, for the long haul, with love.

Hope Clark

Editor, FundsforWriters
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As more and more people dip their toe into writing, more and more publications and editors think they can pay less. Supply and demand is a tried and true concept, and with way more writers clamoring to write, the cost of those writers diminishes - sometimes to nothing.

That does not give you permission to accept less.
That does not give you permission to write for nothing.
Instead, that means that you become pickier.

I write for free in a few places:

Blogs. Few of those pay. However, if I have something to promote, like my latest novel, I will piggy-back on someone else's readership to make a splash. I'm making money, just in a sideways manner.

A magazine that also advertises me. I periodically write articles for a certain magazine for free. They like my work, and in return, they've promoted me well outside the parameters of that article, often providing the graphics for the advertising both in the magazine and for me to use elsewhere.

An annual tourist guide recently asked me to write a piece, using an excerpt from my novel. This publication comes out once a year and goes in every rental in that coastal town, and sits on the counter of every restaurant.

The bottom line is that writing for free has to pay somehow. Not in the ambiguous manner like "I need some exposure that I am a writer." That's a slippery slope. You enjoy seeing your hard-earned byline, thinking you've stepped up a notch. So you write another one, and another one. Soon you're writing for free for whomever will accept you. You've spent a year "promoting" yourself and not made a dime.

Write for free . . . on occasion. But be sure that when you do, there's a defined purpose that WILL result in tangible income. You want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. 

P.S. TOTAL FundsforWriters is the extended version of this newsletter, with 70 markets, contests, grants, etc. and still at the ten-year-old cost of $15 for 26 issues. A great way to find opportunities to make money, without the hours of searching. Some subscribers have been around since TOTAL's origin a decade ago...they swear by it that much.


-Hope Clark

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  June 25-27, 2015 - Freelance Writing, Midwest Writing Center, Davenport, IA
You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page.
~Jodie Picoult



A big city detective
A Lowcountry crime

When her husband is murdered by the Russian mob, Boston detective Callie Jean Morgan suffers a mental break and relinquishes her badge to return home to South Carolina. She has no idea how to proceed with her life, but her son deserves to move on with his, so she relocates them to the family vacation home.
But the day they arrive on Edisto Beach, Callie finds her childhood mentor and elderly neighbor murdered. Her fragile sanity is threatened when the murderer taunts her, and the home that was to be her sanctuary is repeatedly violated. Callie loses her fight to walk away from law enforcement as she becomes the only person able to pursue the culprit who's turned the coastal paradise into a paranoid patch of sand where nobody's safe. But what will it cost her?
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Success Story

Dear Hope,

I'm very excited to share this news with you. In December, I was hired as the blogger for St. Pete Running Company, a locally-owned business that has already rallied an entire community to its cause of getting people moving. The hours are part-time, which is exactly what I wanted, and I'm writing and getting paid for it! Running is a passion for me right behind writing. Joining the Group Runs at the store and writing about the great experience on my personal blog (that the owner started reading) turned into a job. I never would've expected that, but I'm so grateful to you for all the excellent advice and resources that you've shared through Total FFW.

FFW Subscriber for life,
Bria Burton

featured article

By Rod Martinez

When we writers began our quest in the literary world, we held several fantasies."My book will sell more than Harry Potter", "Johnny Depp will call and beg me to let him produce my book into a movie", "Stephen King and I will be on a first name basis" (come on, I can't be the ONLY one thinking of this!). But then we write, and lo and behold, that status doesn't come, the fame and money don't come - but other things come. Maybe you receive local recognition, an invite to do a book talk at a local book club, or school, or library.

After a local newspaper mentioend my locally-published middle grade book, I was approached by a couple of teachers. They asked if I could do a book talk and speak to kids in middle school about literacy, writing and reading. Of course I jumped at the chance. I write mostly middle grade mystery/adventure - their students were my targeted market.

This is my fourth year of doing book talks to middle grade students, and I have come across some interesting tidbits I thought might help my fellow literary artists out there.

Public speaking is a common fear. I used to be the lead singer in a band, and I had to talk, and I was scared to death of it. That was years ago. Of course since then stage fright has multiplied - and then to think, "You have to talk to kids! They have the attention span of... a gnat!" Well that's what teachers kept telling me anyway, but... I approached my very first book talk in pretty much the same way I approach my writing. "Don't think about it, keep a short outline in your head, step up, do it... ignore the outline."

Truly, some people are better off at winging it, but for those of you who aren't, here's some advice from someone who has had to stand in front of 'tweens' for three years running.

1. Don't be afraid. These are kids, they don't work for the I.R.S.

2. You are their entertainment. You being there means they don't have to do class work. They want you there!

3. Exude the joy of writing to them. They need to see it, feel it, hear it in your presentation or you're just another grown up, talking.

4. Be prepared. Have samples, teasers, book marks. They love taking that stuff. True it may never make it home, but some of it will.

5. Plan entertaining answers for common question like:

a. Are you rich and/or famous?

My challenge to this is to let them know that though we can eventually gain a mass of riches, we write for the love of writing. One question I always ask is "How many of you here like to write?" and it never fails, I get one or two hands go up in a classroom, and they aren't excited to let their friends know this. So my response is "That's great. How many love to read?" More hands go up. "Well there ya go, you can't read unless someone is writing, so you couple of writers will be fueling their reading hunger, get started."

b. "Miss Jones says that when we write, we have to do re-writes. How many times do you have to re-write the same story?" Answer? "Do you have a favorite song? Do you know it by heart? Did you know it by heart the first time you heard it? No it was new and fresh, right? Well a story is the same way. Your first draft is fresh and exciting. But when you finish it and you go back to page one and re-read it, you're going to find errors. You may want to re-word a phrase, sentence, change a character's name. The trick to re-writing is you want your story to be perfect when it gets into someone else's hand. By the time you're done, you will know and memorize lines and scenes in your story just like you know scenes from your favorite movie, or lines from your favorite song."

c. "I can never get ideas, all my ideas come from books I already know." Answer:  "Ideas are all around you, just look for them. Writing to me is like a puzzle. It comes in pieces then as you write it puts itself together." An example I give in every class is this one : "You know when you go to the grocery store with your mom and the cashier has a name tag 'My name is Brian, ask me about my dog'. What about Brian's dog? Well Fluffy died two weeks ago, but Brian has it in his freezer because he loves that dog and just can't let go - and yes that's dead dog hair on your Lucky Charms." It always gets a laugh. Ideas are everywhere, a good exercise is to ask someone what they did over the weekend, and expand from there - and even make it a quick game. "We went to the zoo." "Ahh, ok, so suppose you were at the zoo, and as you walked by the giraffe area, one of them leaned his neck down to you and said "Pssst, we're breaking outta here tonight. Do me a favor and tell the monkeys, they never listen to me." You'll get a laugh but then you'd ask a kid, "So, how do you think I should tell the monkey?" The first thing you'll get back is "Wait a minute, aren't you freaking out that a giraffe just talked to you!?" "Yes I am, but he wants me to relay a message, I don't have time to be freaked out."

Basically, the audience wants you to sway them. They need to see the fire to write in you, and you will inspire. I love to share the fact that when I was in middle school I spent almost all of my time drawing comic books - or graphic novels as they like to call them these days - and that I credit my high school English teacher in lighting the fire in me to write. She pulled me aside one day and said "Why don't you try writing a short story, I think you could do it." I did. She liked it, and the rest is history.

If you are an author of YA or Middle Grade books, contact the media specialist or lead teacher at your local schools and ask for a chance to speak with the kids. A good time for this is either during the month of November which is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), or during your local schools' National Literacy Week. Either way you can wow them with your literary artistic skill and craft. Make us proud.

Rod was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and was attracted to words at an early age. His first book The Boy Who Liked To Read was created in grade school. Eventually he discovered comic books, but his High School English teacher told him to try short story writing. He wrote a middle grade adventure "The Juniors" that was picked up by a publisher. /



Limit 50 pages. The winning short story will be published in the 2015 fall/winter issue of Colorado Review; the writer receives a $2,000 honorarium. Deadline March 14, 2015.

Theme: America(s). The winner will receive $250 and two contributor copies, along with print and online publication. All work will be considered for publication. Deadline April 15, 2015. Please send up to three unpublished poems in a single file.

Three prizes of $300 will be awarded in poetry, prose, and art. All entries are eligible for contest prizes. Dramatic scripts and graphic literature will be judged as prose. Deadline March 1, 2015.

Deadline March 15, 2015. One winner in fiction and one in poetry each receive $500 and publication in Jabberwock Review. All finalists are considered for publication. All entrants receive a one-year (two-issue) subscription beginning with the prize-winning issue. Each fiction entry should consist of a single short story of any length--though please keep in mind that our entire journal runs 90-100 pages. (Novel excerpts may be submitted if they are self-contained.) Each poetry entry should consist of 1-3 poems. The winning entry may be for a single poem or group of poems.



Mineral School is a new artists residency located in a former 1947 elementary school in a small town near Mt. Rainier, in Mineral, Washington. During summer 2015, we'll be offering three two-week residency periods to writers of poetry and prose, providing accepted applicants with space and time to create new work without the interruptions of normal life and with the bonus of healthy meals prepared by culinary volunteers from Bastyr University graduate programs and other volunteer cooks with a sustainable and healthy food ethic. Each resident will live in an 800-square foot former classroom that offers peekaboo views of Mineral Lake and Mt. Rainier, and that will double as their writing studio, with desk and chair, lighting, bookcase, etc. Deadline February 25, 2015.

The theme for White Rabbit 2015 is BIGGER/smaller. This theme was chosen for its range of interpretation and for its ability to connect with the landscape, each other and to the core of each individual practice. Deadline April 1, 2015. White Rabbit is a 10-day artist residency in which emerging and established artists set up camp at the beautiful Red Clay Farm to practice, create and collaborate. The residency culminates in a public festival for the performance and exhibition of individual and collaborative works that have emerged over the course of the week. Fee: $365. Bursaries available pending confirmation of funding. Location Nova Scotia, Canada.

Deadline February 27, 2015. For natural history artists or writers to spend two to four weeks to immerse themselves in a field experience, gather resource materials, and interact with environmental scientists and the local community. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with environmental scientists and to create links between their art, the natural world and the sciences. As part of the program, artists will be encouraged to design an outreach project to share their work with the local community and to contribute an original work for the benefit of the research station. Housing and rustic studio space is provided. Location Marine on St. Croix, MN.

Exists to serve writers, visual artists, and composers from all walks of life, by providing time and space in which to work without disturbance. Using only talent and need as the criteria for selection, the Foundation invites any and all creative artists to apply. Location Montauk, New York.



Plays must be full-length in any genre: comedy, drama, musical, etc. Translations, collections of one-acts, children's plays and any play that has received a full-scale, professional production prior to submission are not eligible. Cast must be eight actors or fewer. One submission per playwright. Northern California playwrights encouraged to submit. Submit a two-page maximum abstract of the play including title, character breakdown, brief story synopsis and playwright bio or resume. Also include 10 pages of consecutive sample dialogue. If submitting a musical, please include a CD of selections from the score. Four plays will be selected for inclusion in a series of staged readings to be held in July. Playwrights included in these readings will be awarded $250. One or more of these plays may be considered for further development at Capital Stage for an eventual full world premiere production. Deadline March 1, 2015.

We're always on the lookout for fun, unique ideas for earning, saving or investing money. We'd love to hear your personal experience, especially if you can share detailed numbers, strategies and advice. Aim for 700 to 800 words. Write in a bloggy, friendly style that's fun to read. When your post hits 50,000 pageviews, you earn $100. When your post hits 100,000 pageviews, you earn another $200. When your post hits 250,000 pageviews, you earn an additional $500.

Payment is $75-$135 for original feature articles ($32.50+ for reprints and derivatives), approximately 1,000 - 1,500+ words in length (compensation is determined by depth and writing quality). We feature articles that address issues of importance to the older student: obtaining financial aid, on campus and online education, finding the right program, graduate school, or attaining academic excellence (study skills and success strategies). Career management and articles on successful transition are appreciated.

Viator is always accepting pitches for submissions to our Travel Blog as well as looking for more writers to add to our database for future assignments. Currently, we're specifically in need of articles on Belfast, Quebec City, Warsaw, Norway, China, Monaco, Lithuania, Thai Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Antigua, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, St Maarten, Tahiti, Oman, the US state of Georgia, Toronto, Dallas, Key West and Miami, St Augustine, Tampa, Sedona & Flagstaff, and Phoenix. Submissions for our Travel Blog should be original (your own work and not appearing elsewhere online) and can range in length from 1,000 to 2,000 words (most are 1,200-1,600). Standard payment is $100-$150.



Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC is adding on the their team, and looking for a ON-SITE Writer/Copy/ Social Medial Specialist, located in Moberly, MO.

We are looking for a copywriter to write scripts for traditional and digital media, provide copy for print and web materials, assist in branding for our dealer clients, and contribute to an automotive blog.



A crime fiction imprint that publishes today's most gripping mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels. From high-concept thrillers and white-knuckled suspense to traditional mysteries and literary crime, our titles consistently deliver driving plots, engaging characters, and stunning twists from the most talented authors on the scene.

Flatiron Books is a new division of Macmillan that will publish two to three titles per month, beginning in Winter 2015. Named after the historic building in which the company is housed, Flatiron Books is committed to publishing intelligent fiction and nonfiction with commercial appeal by authors with distinctive voices.

The agency handles general adult fiction, specializing in women's fiction and suspense. Does not deal with any nonfiction, poetry, juvenile material or science fiction.

Ms. Allen focuses in the areas of nonfiction: cooking, health, parenting, crafts and business. Ms. O'Shea focuses on core nonfiction: self-improvement, health, nutrition, diet, cooking, narrative, memoir and select fiction.





Nashville Novel Writing Workshop

Is your novel stalled at the starting gate, mired in the middle, or faltering at the finish line?

Or are you an experienced writer who'd like to deepen and enrich your next book?


Whatever your genre, whether you're a pantser or
a plotter,the Question Me a Novel workshop can help.
Taught by Shamus Award finalist Jaden Terrell, this
intensive one-day workshop covers character, setting,
plot, and more -- everything you need to take your
story from idea to finished draft. Saturday, March 7, 2015.

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Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction & Essay Contest

23rd year. Now with $4,000 in cash prizes, including $1,500 for the best story and $1,500 for the best essay. Send prose submissions up to 6,000 words each. All entries that win cash prizes will be published on and announced in the Winning Writers Newsletter, with over 50,000 subscribers. Both published and unpublished work accepted. Fee per entry is $16. Deadline: April 30. Judge: Arthur Powers. See guidelines, past winners, and enter at
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Five chances to place first:  

Top Genre Prize (CRÈME DE LA CRÈME): $300
First place in each genre: $100

Entry fee $15. No limit to the number of entries.
Unpublished novels only. Limit ten pages plus cover page.

Submit via email: rpaulding@
Submit via postal: HWH, 12523 Folkcrest Way, Stafford TX 77477

Deadline: March 30, 2015
Rules for the contest:
Questions: [email protected]
Explore the many genres of nonfiction writing in a week long retreat at Marble House. We are located close to several ski resorts so bring your pens and poles!
Joan Didion wrote about her migraines; Nora Ephron wrote about the wrinkles in her neck. Norman Maclean wrote about the mystery and wonder of fly-fishing. We write what we think we know, but in writing about it, we learn more about the world and about ourselves.
Whether you want to write for business or for pleasure or just to open a window into your soul, this course will expose you to the many genres of nonfiction writing, ranging from memoir and personal essay to travel, food and business writing. As Flannery O'Connor wrote, "I write to discover what I know."
This workshop provides an overview of nonfiction writing from idea to execution. Prerequisite: a burning desire to see yourself in print.
Enjoy a FREE Master Class in Creative Writing Success
Enroll FREE in a 14-part 'mini course' in short story writing success. This highly acclaimed Writers' Village 'Master Class' shows you how to get published - profitably - plus win cash prizes in fiction awards.Discover how to open a chapter with 'wow' impact, add new energy to a scene, build a character in moments, sustain page-turning suspense even through long passages of exposition... plus 97 other powerful ideas you can use at once.
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"Superb work, excellent customer service. Just marvelous overall." --C. Hope Clark, author, founder of FundsforWriters, |
"Thank you for the gift of your creativity, insight, and problem-solving as I threw you question after question. The site captures my spirit and passion, and it honors my dream since childhood. I feel blessed to have come across you (thanks C Hope Clark!) and will recommend you to those who are in the market for a new site." --Lyn Fairchild Hawks, author,
"When I first saw Shaila's work, I was struck by the fact that each site she designs is not only beautiful but also perfectly reflects the personality of the business it represents. Her suggestions, insight, and artistic talent made the final product much better than what I'd envisioned on my own." --Jacqueline Adams, writer,
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