Friday Inspiration—Losing Your Stories

Published: Fri, 07/15/16

Dear ,

Most of us live according to our stories—and we may not even realize it.

We believe stories about ourselves, other people, who we are, what we’re capable of, resentments we hold, what we expect from others and the world.

And in daily life, we’re constantly developing stories about what’s happening by putting our spin on events.

Does this dialogue sound familiar?

John: I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Mary: But you did hurt me.

An event happened, which in itself is neutral, yet John and Mary have given it very different meanings.

Many of our stories create disharmony, personal limitation, drama, and confusion. And when we live by our stories, we’re caught in our minds and pulled this way and that by our emotions.

We’re overlooking the possibility of simply taking a conscious breath and opening our eyes and hearts to the grace of what is here right now—being alive, aware, and present.

So here are my questions for you today:​​​​​​​
  • What stories are you living by?
  • Are these stories limiting or life-enhancing?
  • What if you let them go?
As Byron Katie says, “Who would you be without your story?” You’ll discover that without your story, you’re fresh, innocent, and free…

Try being moved only by the great intelligence of life and not by your stories.

With the deepest love,

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