Friday Inspiration—A Fresh Perspective

Published: Fri, 09/02/16

Dear ,

If you want to get unstuck from any habits that aren’t serving you, you need to bring openness to your experience so you can get a fresh perspective. If you do the same and think the same, you’ll get the same. That’s the nature of a habit.
But if you want to find new ways of relating to your thoughts and feelings, be open.
  • Ask questions from a place of curiosity so you can understand how you get caught.
  • And be open to recognizing the space of presence that thoughts and feelings arise in.
Habits are dull, repetitive, and flat. And presence is alive with enthusiasm, loving acceptance, and peace. This is where you'll find new choices and ways to handle problems—not in the recycled thoughts of the mind.

I’m so grateful for you and for your interest in these most important topics of peace and happiness. Thousands of you will read this newsletter, and when you do, there’s a tremendous resonance of the one heart. Can you feel it?

Love to you,


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PPS: Many people have appreciated the last blog post, A Practical Guide to Working with the Pesky Mind. If you missed it, feel free to take a look!