Friday Inspiration—Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Published: Fri, 09/23/16

Dear ,

Are you focusing on the future or the past while life is passing you by? Are you concerned that your life doesn’t have purpose and meaning?
I was plagued by that question of purpose for years until I was able to see things more clearly.

When you reflect on your life as a whole and wonder if it is purposeful enough, it's probably going to fall short of your expectations—and you'll feel disappointed and lacking. So try a new perspective.

Your life is the one happening right here and now in this moment. Instead of standing back, looking to the past and future, and wondering if your life has purpose, try asking these questions:

  • How can I live fully right now?
  • How can I show up fully in any interaction as it’s happening?
  • What do I really want in this moment?
  • How does life want to move me right now?
  • How can I stay alive in the difficult moments—when I’m bored, anxious, or despairing?
Happiness (or acceptance, peace, or ease) is not out there in the future—the only way to experience it is right here, in this now moment.

Your job? Celebrate now in the very best way you can.

With so much love,