Friday Inspiration—Come Back to Yourself

Published: Fri, 10/07/16

Dear ,

Do you feel batted about by the circumstances of your life? That’s what happens when we lose our grounding in ourselves. We’re moving so fast reacting to every situation that comes along, and we forget to slow down, take a breath, and arrive here in the simple truth of being aware in this moment.
When your attention returns to the present and you’re conscious once again, you begin to see that you have choices. You’re not a victim of your circumstances.
  • You can choose what you say or do,
  • You can open to your own feelings with kindness and to others’ with compassion,
  • You let the loving intelligence in your own heart be your guide.
When you feel disconnected from yourself, stop and breathe. Withdraw your attention from the situations in the world and from your mind trying to figure it all out. Come back to yourself—to your heart, to your natural aliveness, and to what you know to be true.

I love that peace is possible in any moment.

With so much love,