Friday Inspiration—True Friendship

Published: Fri, 08/12/16

Dear ,

True friendship is a huge support on the spiritual path. What is it like to be around others who share our priority to live from a more refined level of conscious awareness?
There’s less drama, more presence, and the undeniable transparency that reveals the one true heart.

When we commit to the spiritual path, we realize that everything about our lives matters—and that includes our relationships.

  • Are your relationships aligned with your deepest longing?
  • Do you show up defended and veiled—or open and curious?

I’m delighted that I met some new true friends recently. Phil and Maude are passionate about peaceful relationships.

They found me online and connected with me by email, and we discovered that we all live in Santa Barbara. We soon enjoyed an enthusiastic meeting over coffee.

Phil and Maude have been kind enough to feature me on their blog today, and I would love you to click on over and take a look.

And stay tuned! We’ll be recording an interview this weekend that I’ll be sharing with you soon. They are very clear about what is needed for peaceful relationships, which I’m sure you’ll find helpful.

As we no longer identify with old conditioned ways of being and become more fully who we truly are, new relationships will appear, some existing ones will deepen, and others will fall away. Although not always easy, this shape shifting of people in our lives is part of the natural process of awakening.

I’m so grateful for you and your pure heart.

Love to you always,