Friday Inspiration—Peaceful Relationships

Published: Fri, 08/19/16

"To love is to recognize yourself in another."
~Eckart Tolle

Dear ,

I'm excited to be offering you an audio interview on a topic of interest to everyone—peaceful relationships. Phil and Maude from are committed to bringing peace to the world one relationship at a time.

In this interview, you will learn the tools you need for making your relationships more peaceful. Phil and Maude are clearly experts, and it’s very inspiring to listen to them!

We gathered together in my home office on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for our delightful conversation. Please click here to listen to and download the interview.

Peaceful Relationships Interview

I hope you enjoy it! And, what about you? Are your relationships peaceful? Please click here to comment or to ask Phil and Maude a question.

No matter what you feel or what you believe about yourself, we are all held unconditionally in the ground of loving presence.

With love,