Friday Inspiration—Living the Yes! to Life

Published: Fri, 12/02/16

 Dear ,

Today I’m happy to offer you a chapter from my book, At the Core of Every Heart: Reflections, Insights, and Practices for Waking Up and Living Free. The chapter is called, "Living the Yes! to Life." To read it, please click here:

This little book is perfect to pick up for a burst of inspiration whenever you need it. It includes 52 short essays, each with a practice to help the content of the chapter come alive to you in your own experience.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon. Maybe it will be the perfect gift for you or someone you love. ❤️

Please click here to read the chapter. And feel free to leave a comment, as I’d love to hear how you say “no” and “Yes!” to life.

With the deepest acceptance and love,