Friday Inspiration—Are You Afraid of Stillness?

Published: Fri, 12/09/16

"I'll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything."
~Alan Watts
Dear ,

First, two announcements…

Tomorrow begins the free live online retreat for Healing and Awakening. I’ll be speaking on Sunday afternoon about awakened living. The schedule is full of wonderful teachers, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions live. You can click here to find out more and to register.

Also, I did a very fun interview for the radio show Harvesting Happiness. The interviewer, Lisa Cypers Kamen, and I are definitely kindred spirits. You can listen to this interview here.

Now, are you afraid of stillness? Are you afraid of being quiet, of relaxing into yourself, of being intimate with your own experience?

I understand this fear. We’re so highly conditioned to look outside ourselves for peace and happiness. We search for that next shiny object—the relationship or material possession or exciting life circumstance—that we think will make us happy.

Or we just keep going with our lives so busy and our minds so cluttered that doing something radical—just being still—seems intensely uncomfortable.

We’re afraid of what we might find if we stop all the distraction. Maybe you’ll realize overwhelming sadness, shame, or the pain of thinking you’re unworthy of love. Maybe you’ll notice the deepest peace and intimate connection with everything.

Making a commitment to the conscious life is profound and sacred. There’s no magic to it—you just stop and be still.

Then you meet what arises in your experience in a vast space of acceptance. Letting go of the need to fix and change, you simply receive everything as it is. Really everything. Welcome the fears, the painful beliefs, the tendencies to hide, the need to avert your gaze from what’s here, the wish to get rid of your suffering.

These things float through the field of stillness like clouds floating across the sky. Let them come and go as you venture into the space of not knowing. Without these familiar patterns, who are you?

Be the sky. It's perfectly natural. Your mind is endlessly open, empty, pure, and pristine. Nothing sticks. You’re innocent like a baby, full of wonder and amazement. Enjoy the stillness and beyond….

Always in love,