Friday Inspiration—The Space In-Between

Published: Fri, 10/28/16

Dear ,

Sometimes it seems like we’re filled to the brim with stimulation. There are things to do, judgments of this and that, demands on our time, endless screens to look at, and stories we play out in our minds.
The possibility of stillness seems a million miles away.

But here’s what I’ve found, and I know you can find it, too. There is always the space in-between.

Between the in-breath and the out-breath, there is a moment that is empty of stimulation yet fully alive.

When a topic of conversation finishes and nothing else has arisen, if you’re not scrambling for the next thing to say, there’s a sweet space you share with your friend.

And in the quiet moments just before sleep or when you’re experiencing nature, that space in-between draws you in.

There are no barriers here, no strategies to get anything, and no engagement with the mind. It’s the timeless moment of peace that we long for in which we’re deeply connected with everyone and everything.

It’s the sacred ground of stillness that keeps calling us home.

So much love…