Friday Inspiration—All Is Well

Published: Fri, 11/04/16

Dear ,

Our minds are very good at weaving stories telling us that something is wrong.

You want better health, more alone time, a partner or no partner, children who behave better. You want your thoughts to change and your feelings to go away. You want what you don’t have.
But leave all of this mental pushing and pulling be, just for a second, and bring your attention to the unfolding of this present moment. You’ll probably notice that all is well.

Here’s the question to ask yourself:

If I don’t listen to the stories my mind is telling me, is there a problem right now?

The other day I felt a dark cloud descend, and I scrambled to figure out what to do about it. Who should I talk to about how I was feeling? What situations in my life need to be fixed?

My mind went into problem-solving mode.

Then, in the middle of the night when sleep wasn’t coming, I asked, “Is there a problem here?” I brought deep acceptance to the energy moving through my body and the sensations that were present. I stayed with what I was experiencing with no desire at all for it to be different.

Troubled moments turned into delicious moments, and I realized with great clarity that all is well. That doesn’t mean that every situation is perfect, but shifting attention away from the mental commentary showed me that at the heart of it, all is well.

When you lose interest in the stories in your mind, what do you notice about this present moment?

Always in love,