Friday Inspiration—Love Your Tribe

Published: Fri, 11/11/16

Dear ,

If you’re truly interested in living consciously in the deepest acceptance and moved by love, then surround yourself with like-minded friends.
When we’re graced with the passion for truth and authenticity, we set out on a path that goes against the grain of conventional living.
  • We want to slow down.
  • We want to welcome difficult feelings out of the shadows of unconsciousness.
  • We’re willing to challenge our ideas about ourselves and not take anything at face value.
  • And we’re open to joy and happiness beyond anything our minds could imagine.
This is not the way that most people choose to live.

Yes, we can go it alone, but the path will be harder and not as much fun. Instead, find communities of people who share the fire for what you love the most.

Earlier this week, the loveliest group of people gathered at my house. It was so incredibly sweet to be together in stillness with the space to share deeply.

One person related how he has reflected on his priorities and has started living his daily life according to them. Another let us know that she is noticing more moments of space spontaneously appearing.

We listened deeply, laughed, and supported each other, drinking from the well of the one shared heart that was so transparent and easy to experience.

If you feel isolated in your desire to explore the truth and know the peace of your true nature, find a meditation group, go to a workshop or retreat, or check out meetup in your local area.

You are not alone in your love of truth, I promise you.

Always in love,